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We want to take a second dog

Answer # 1:

Everything depends on you. I, for example, have 3 dogs at home, two of them are bitches. Male eunuch, so I'm not at all tense. The best way out if you want gay dogs is castration. By and by, if you want the second male to take, too, castration (so that there is no fighting).
If you keep the houses of an uncastrated male and a bitch, then you will hang when the bitch flows. Then either take the bitch to relatives, or knit (in the event that the dogs are pedigree, are exhibited).
Somehow so in general.

Answer # 2:

You can take it, but the dog will have to be castrated.

Answer # 3:

Maybe they will breed.

Answer # 4:

But how will you solve the problems of estrus? If only the moth now castrates, for all your apartment will be one continuous metric pillar, a wank, a refusal to feed ....

Answer # 5:

For what purpose do you want to take the girl to the boy? To grow?
Then keep in mind that the dog will tag at home and go crazy in heat! After all, not every stigma can be knit and not every day.
If you do not plan to breed, then the male must be castrated before the bitch grows up.

Answer No. 6:

You can take it but you have to masturbate the dog or take the dog and both castrate

Answer No. 7:

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