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How to teach a labrador puppy a team to me and a number

Answer # 1:

Generally, handler and training in general,Science is not simple and every dog ​​has his own approach. The general principles are as follows: You must be the leader of the pack, encourage the puppy if he does the right thing, not only with delicacy but also affection, be confident. Keep the puppy next to on a short leash and talk periodically near. At first he will not understand what you want, he will get tired and sit down at his foot, encourage him, he will understand modern that next to it means such a position and at the same time you are satisfied with his work and he will receive his caress and care. Puppies often play and begin training should be in the period from 3 to 6 months in a game form. Training "to me" is done with a long leash, first the puppy runs, then you talk to me, and pull him to yourself, not much. As soon as he comes up to encourage him, do not do it nastily, spontaneously, all of a sudden you suddenly needed him to come up. There is a way to hide from the puppy, that he would start looking for you, and you should call him, as soon as he finds you, encourage him. Everything is done spontaneously, it is not necessary to give 50 teams in 5 minutes, one is enough. Over time, he will know exactly what to do with a particular team. Main patience. Quickly not to learn or who. And it depends on the nature of the dog.

Remember TASTE is a promotion, but notBend, let's more caress and respect for the puppy for his work and not tasty, otherwise he will do everything for food. And when, after completing the command, he will not get a yummy, he will take offense))

Answer # 2:

To be more rigorous, the teams are more rigid to file.

Answer # 3:

Stand in front of the dog, in the hand yummy. Say "Sit! "And put a hand over the head of the dog, if necessary, take a step forward. As soon as the dog crouched, give a delicious. The scheme is as follows:
Team - performance of the team - delicious
The command "to me" Having passed with a dog a little onLeash, give her a walk and release her. As soon as the puppy has moved on further, give him the command to call in a smooth and calm voice, the dog will immediately stand up as if dug up, and you will repeat your command even more affectionately, and when she slowly and uncertainly starts approaching you, praise her and consider that all your Flour behind. Very few dogs have to do this experiment twice, usually it is enough once, and here intonation is important, do not forget that to fix a good subversion to you should be encouraged by caress and delicacy.

Answer # 4:

Patience and dainty, but do not scold the dog if not what does not !!!

Answer # 5:

Deceptive opinion, in my opinion, that the LabradorsCan train anyone. It's the same dog. As well as everything, only kind. I would advise you to consult a good specialist. The dog is a working breed, so OKD is quite enough. But then, after working with the dog and with YOU you will dramatically decrease the number of problems. Good luck to you and your pet

Answer No. 6:

Be more polite

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