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My dog ​​was bitten by a tick

Answer # 1:

If the tick is a carrier of pyroplasmosis, thenDuring a bite with a tick of a tick, a small amount of pyroplasm enters the dog's bloodstream. Within a few days to two weeks, pyroplasms multiply in the blood, their numbers increase rapidly, they affect the red blood cells and the hematopoietic organs of the dog. There comes a time when the body is no longer able to compensate for the loss of erythrocytes, and the products of vital activity of pyroplasm lead to its intoxication. The clinical picture of pyroplasmosis develops - the dog shows lethargy, loss of appetite, body temperature rises to 40 ° C or higher, urine acquires the color of "dark beer" or reddish-brown color, weakness of hind limbs is noted. Vomiting and constipation (or diarrhea) may occur. In this case, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Treatment of pyroplasmosis is carried out with the use of specific drugs, it must be timely and complex, as in its absence, the disease usually leads to the death of the animal.

Effective vaccine for the prevention of pyroplasmosisNo, and the only means of preventing the disease is the regular seasonal treatment of the animal with acaricidal drugs that repel mites.

Answer # 2:

The vet needs

Answer # 3:

Yes, tick the infection, urgently go to the veterinarian

Answer # 4:

Everything can be from a tick.

Answer # 5:

There may be pyroplasmosis (from the tick removed), running into a vet clinic, this is not treated at home.

Answer No. 6:

If only constipation ... Go with the dog to the vet, tick, if not thrown out, also carry the analysis.
It is very serious! Pyroplasmosis disease is extremely dangerous for the life of your pet.

Answer No. 7:

You should have fled at once. And tick mites are not advised to pull out themselves. Or did not you read that ticks are invasive?

Answer No. 8:

Ticks sometimes carry very dangerous diseases,Especially in dogs it often occurs, so go to the vet. If it turns out pyroplasmosis, you need to treat urgently, a dangerous disease for the dog.

Answer No. 9:

From a tick bite, a dog can get sickPyroplasmosis or babesiosis, many poorly tolerate fever and there may be reactions from the body and constipation and vomiting. If in the next 1-2 days you do not start emergency treatment. The dog will die

Answer No. 10:

It is necessary to urgently address in a vet clinic, differentlyAll will end very badly. And you that, did not carry out prophylaxis? At me strictly with this question-we spend as it is necessary, every two months. We apply Dana drops ultra neo, very effective. You treat the dog and conduct prophylaxis against fleas, ticks and withers and such problems will be avoided.

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