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I can not train a dog to go on a diaper

Answer # 1:

Of course the dog is not a cat, as they say, with itIt is necessary to walk, but not always there is such an opportunity. And it is quite normal that the owner wants to accustom the dog to the diaper. The dog itself is better. He will not wait and wait for the master to walk. Maybe at any time and go home. Try instead of the diaper membrane mat to use http://drugupodarok.ru/tovary-dlya-zhivotnyh/membrannye-kovriki.

Answer # 2:

So this is a dog in general, and not a cat, at 6 months old it is high time for her to walk on the street with might and main.
Walking a dog is needed in order to markTerritory (therefore a dog can not a priori go to the toilet in one place, it contradicts its physiology) to develop normally mentally and physically, otherwise the dog sees nothing but four walls and then eats even at the sight of its own shadow.
How can you voluntarily go to the daily sniffing of dog sissiness and life in the doghouse, explain, eh?

Answer # 3:

Walk around try

Answer # 4:

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to teach the toilet to the dogRegardless of its breed. If we are talking about dogs of large sizes, then they are often taught to go to the toilet on the street. In turn, when educating decorative pets, including Yorkshire terriers, in most cases they are accustomed to home trays. Such trays are used, as a rule, for cats. In addition to the trays, the owners can easily use special diapers, also helping to solve the issue of organizing a toilet for an animal. As for the question of how to accustom the Yorkshire terrier to the toilet, then it's not so simple. Training takes a long time and hosts are better to be patient. +

To begin with, you need to remember that the very first daysThe puppy in the house should be accompanied by his teaching to the toilet. The process of training should begin with the restriction of the home space by which the pet can move freely. Otherwise, he simply will not be able to remember or want to return to where his toilet seat will be. As usual, first york will do his business past the necessary diaper. However, it is necessary that he does this in the same place. It is recommended to temporarily hide all the rugs that are at home so that York does not take them for a place for a toilet. Do not neglect this advice, because once having marked a place for a toilet on some favorite rug, he will do it in the future. In this case, as practice shows, no cleaning of this place will help and think about how to accustom the Yorkshire terrier to the toilet, it will take a little longer.
It is not recommended to use the traditionalBig dogs way, poking a puppy with a muzzle into his "crime scene". It is better to exclude mistakes in the education of the Yorkshire terrier, so that the dog was faithful and obedient. Thus, the pet should eventually learn to go to the toilet in one particular place, and access to other parts of the room for him should be closed. For example, to exclude the possibility of getting into a room in a york, you can use plywood at a low height (up to 0.5 m), because a person can not overcome such an obstacle, and a Yorke can not climb on it. In pet stores, you can find partitions that are designed to be installed between rooms. As a result, it will be possible to organize a small space (up to three or four square meters), on the territory of which the York can sometimes be left alone. In this space, there must necessarily be a sleeping place for a dog, toys and a tray (or diaper) for the toilet.
Having chosen a "toilet" place for your pet,Should immediately begin to respond to the question of how to accustom the Yorkshire terrier to the toilet. Within 15 minutes after eating, the puppy will want to go to the toilet. In this time period, you should take special care not to miss the moment. As soon as the puppy sits down to go to the toilet, you should take it carefully and transfer it to the desired place. As a rule, a york for a long time will not understand why he is being worn in the same place. However, thanks to a large number of repetitions, he can still perceive the required place as a toilet, in which he needs to manage his affairs. In the event that the moment could not be caught, and the Yorkman did not go there, it should not be punished. It is enough just to wipe the puddle with a diaper and put it in the place where the toilet of the york is located, so that he will remember where the smell comes from. Every two or three days, paper or cloth with a scent from the puppy's toilet should be thrown away, replacing with new ones. Also, one day, you should close the puppy in the toilet so that he has no choice but to manage his affairs. If york does everything right, he must be generously praised.

Answer # 5:

With the cat beggar, this is a dog - she needs to go to the street.

Answer No. 6:

Do you still have a dog? )
Do not mock the dog, the dog needs a paddock, a dog especially, otherwise it will be tagged throughout the apartment!
Laziness to walk? Then why do you need a dog?

Answer No. 7:

If there is no time to walk, then there is no time to teach the diaper either. Buy dog ​​diapers. And buy, finally, a hamster. Once a week to clean the cage is not at all troublesome.

Answer No. 8:

To accustom to a diaper it was necessary from small ageNow it is useless to do it. Plant it constantly on the diaper woke up the dog you have it on the diaper and wait while it comes off, played for 30 minutes again on a diaper and like that, you can buy us a tool for teaching to the diaper smells it is not very good but it helped us for one dog.
We also have Yorkies, and one of them stopped understanding diapers as they began to walk and another walks both on diapers and on the street.

In general, better to walk with a dog)))

Answer No. 9:

Already NO! Large already. Before it was necessary

Answer No. 10:

But in any way! Usiss, will make you the whole apartment (sofas, beds, curtains, corners, etc.) if you do not start walking three times a day as expected, or do not give it to someone who will do it. The dog is NOT a cat, not in their nature to go to the toilet in one place.

Answer No. 11:

Also what tried or tasted?
Usually the puppy is limited to the territory and all of it is covered, in due course the number of diapers is reduced
So did?

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