/ / I want to get a dog, but I can not choose a breed, do not tell me?

I want to get a dog, but I can not choose a breed, do not tell me?

Answer # 1:

This momentary impulse? After all, when you want a dog or a cat, then in any case there are preferences. Need a watchman, a guard, a friend, a companion .... Or just a pillow on the pillow with which you can walk everywhere, wearing it in your arms?
For an inexperienced person who wants toDog, I can advise 2 breeds, based on personal experience - Chihuahua and Labrador. But in any case, before you take a dog into the house - you need to learn the breed, how to choose a puppy, how to feed, how to train, etc. Well, to determine for yourself - is there time for a little dog "child"? Good luck.

Answer # 2:

Pick up on the street, more grateful creation will not find

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Well at least wrote about ... preferences ...
All because different dogs like. .
I like yorkies from small, and from large - many different breeds like it)

Answer # 5:

Looking with what purpose and where. If the house is large and with a lot, then the dog should be big, and if it's for an apartment, then better dwarfs will suit the type of yorkshires known to all or pikinesis, I personally like poodles dwarfs, they are so cute when neatly cut and groomed, bastard from them!

Answer No. 6:

Russian Toy Terrier
German Spitz
That poodle
Chinese Crested Dog
Japanese hin

Answer No. 7:

And what are your preferences?
Is there an allergy, lived area of ​​what size?

I can advise Shih Tzu (Height 23-28 cm.) Or Irish Wolfhound (Height: from 71 cm (females) and 79 cm (males))

Answer No. 8:

Looking at what size if the baby is Russian or Chihuahua. If it makes no difference pick up a puppy on the street ALL LIFE WILL BE VERYTHING!

Answer No. 9:

It all depends on the person reviewing pictures of dogs and may fall in love with one of the breeds

Answer No. 10:

Ask yourself what friend you want, with what character. Realizing this - you can choose the breed. All breeds are different in behavior, learning ability and obedience.

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Answer No. 12:

For what purpose do you need a dog. If you take a bite off your neighbor's arm, take amstaff or pita and if the German Shepherd and Labrador and the small dogs are the companion, then that's it.

Answer # 13:

If you live in an apartment, it's better to have a small dog. . And if in your own house, where there is a yard, you can and large. . But, if you have children, it is better not to have a dog of "fighting" breed, such as a bulldog, etc. For the apartment will suit a lapdog, pikines, yorkshire terrier (a small one, despite the name), bichon frieze, and for the house you can have a shepherd, husky, spaniel, collie, Dalmatian, i.e. larger dogs ..

Answer # 14:

Pass the test for [the link is blocked by the decision of the project administration] and find out which breed of dog is right for you.

Answer No. 15:

A small example of a york or chihuahua but it costs about 20,000 rubles
And free only mongrel

Answer # 16:

Yorkshire Terrier.

Answer # 17:

How to look at Labrador

Answer # 18:

Try to get the Shanghai Barsik

Answer No. 19:

girl!! !! Better marry!

Answer # 20:

If you do not know what you want, do not want anything. Wait until you want.

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