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What to feed a German Shepherd puppy, too short 3 months 14 days

Answer # 1:

"Raw meat was not given yet" - so give! On vegetables and porridges will grow stifled with a sick GIT and ODA. A dog is a predator, and not a pig, porridges and vegetables are practically not absorbed by the body. Raw meat - that's what should be the basis of the diet, about 70% of the daily diet for the puppy should be meat. Sour milk, vegetables, cereals - this is an additive to meat, but not the basis of the diet!
Or transfer to a good dry food in accordance with the age of the puppy.

Answer # 2:

Frozen meat ... vitamins

Answer # 3:

Normal like, well, proglistogon just in case.

Answer # 4:

Steaming meat porridge rice with meat

Answer # 5:

The puppy's condition is perfectly normal, the puppy must not be fat.
But if you continue to feed vegetables and porridges, thenWill grow stifled. Kashi should not be present at all in the diet. The basis of nutrition is raw meat and raw bones with meat. By-products and to all this add a little raw vegetables. Meat in must be 80% of the total diet, the rest is a sour milk. Eggs, vegetables.

Answer No. 6:

How is "good" for porridge with vegetables ??
For the dog "good" = meat with sour milk and vegetables. Can by-products. Can fatty fish.
Meat let's raw frozen

Answer No. 7:

The dog should not be greasy - it's not a pig. Should be lean.

Answer No. 8:

All of them, Germans, at this age are not proportional :)) do not worry. By the middle of the year, everything will fall into place.
But you must feed the raw meat - trim, chicken neck and head, kaltyki, tails beef, sub. Products, you can give the pork ear paw.

Answer No. 9:

The puppy is not skinny, the puppy just has a so-called cervical development, with which to muster it musculature. Backbone and stuff, with carbohydrate porridge?

Raw meat and cottage cheese-that's the food of the puppy and the dog

Answer No. 10:

Excellent digestion at the stern of Bosch, no upset with the stomach, because the feed is balanced and quality. Try it, my puppy really likes it. By the way, and the weight is normal, as expected.

Answer No. 11:

Three months is not so small. Meat feed, beef, chicken. Will strengthen. Further you can add dry food Royal Canin for certain breeds, in particular for the German Sheepdog [link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project].

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