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HOW to teach a puppy to go to the toilet in the tray?

Answer # 1:

There are many ways to teach littleDogs to the tray or diaper. By itself, the process of training to a pot can take from several days to several months. Buying a two month old puppy of a Yorkshire terrier or Pomeranian (German miniature) Spitz, you should be prepared that for a while you will have to wipe out puddles and spend your precious time and energy on raising a puppy.
All dogs are different, everyone needs their own approach. The speed of training can depend on how correctly you determine for yourself the way of training.
The most important thing to remember is that at once and without effort, it does not always work out.
A puppy is a child, and children are also not born with the skills to go to the toilet. Someone before, someone later. Agree, it is foolish to require a six-month-old child to ask for a toilet.
Therefore, if a puppy bought in two months "misses" - this is not the end of the world and no reason to hate it. Stable to walk into the tray without "misses" puppies begin to 5-7 months.

Punishment should always correspond to the power of guilt. Praise should be 2 times the force of the deed.
I will explain if the puppy wrote, then it is necessaryPunish, respectively, his age. If the puppy is 2 months old, then strictly point the finger at the puddle and say: "What is THIS ?!" if the puppy is older, then the punishment can be more serious.
But if, "business" is done where necessary, then the owner's joys should not be a side-chapel. Praise that there are forces.
The boss is strict, but just and not otherwise!

Method 1

In the tray we put the diaper, which needs to get wetI puddle, so that the smell remains on it. As soon as you realize that it's time for the puppy to "wet the floor" you put it in the tray and "sit" with him in the pot for about 5 minutes, not letting him escape, and in no case let us sleep in a pot or catch flies.
If it's done, then we praise it and give it a "piece", if not, then after 5 minutes we put the puppy in the tray again ... and so on to the victorious end.
Soon the puppy himself will start going to the pot to receive a treat.
The main thing in this method is to catch the moment and not let the puppy do "business" past the pot.

Method 2

We cover up with newspapers or diapers, it depends on what you are accustoming to, the maximum area in the room, i.e., where the puppy does not do his business - everything was on a diaper / newspaper.
Remember, on which of the outlets the puppy walked the most often.
After 3-5 days, remove 2-3 newspapers / diapers, which remained clean.
After another 3-5 days, we again reduce the number of diapers and so on, until one diaper is left.
You can not hurry here, you need to ensure that the puppy goes to the toilet only on the left diapers, even if it lies in the center of the room.
When there is a single diaper, it should be moved several centimeters a day to the right place, the one you took for the toilet.
If you want a puppy to go into the tray, then for a while, leave the diaper next to the tray, gradually, reduce the area of ​​the diaper.

Method 3

In the center of the room we put a tray with a "smell" (at the bottom we put a piece of newspaper or diaper with which the puddle was soaked) and we limit the puppy to the available space in one room.
Playing, the puppy will go into the tray, and the smell will remind him of what they want from him.
When the tray becomes a permanent place of need management, we move it several centimeters to the right place.
For good "business", be sure to praise and give a piece!

Answer # 2:

FIG prichuch))) Dogs by nature, they only bite on the grass.

Answer # 3:

Allow him to read and smoke there ...

Answer # 4:

Praise if in the pot. ) very very very.
Their accustomed while still small in zaogne sit, on a small territory ..) there are more chances that accidentally fall, and immediately praise))
You can if you start to sit down, immediately tachshchit.
If you naprudit, promaknut, and put the pot, bring and give a sniff. And you can praise.

Patience and work)))

Answer # 5:

Patience and work = all peretrut !!! Good luck ...

Answer No. 6:

Enable him "Bruce Almighty" ahah

Answer No. 7:

We taught our yorikas this way: At first there were newspapers everywhere. Why does the puppy like to do their business on a newspaper? Praised her for the right action. If she wrote wrongly, then they took a newspaper and drank a bit in this place and put or put a thin piece of newspaper on a puddle so that it soaked and dried, then washed the place of the accident (although the puppies do not smell urine)
When she got used to 100%, bought 5 pieces of paper and steel one place (where the newspaper) replaced by a tray with a newspaper
When they replaced all the trays, slowly began to clean up 1 tray, until it was left alone and in the right place.
Well and then to replace the newspaper in a tray on a diaper the chemist's was a matter of technique)
But now there are no problems! Walks in the tray and most like it)
And more important point! We never scolded her for mistakes. Only praised for the correct action.

Answer No. 8:

2-3 days to spend it. Woke up - carry it on the tray. Has eaten - in 20 minutes on a tray. The place is looking for - on the tray. I did everything right - praise very much. I shamed without witnesses - it's useless to criticize. I shit at you - scold.

Answer No. 9:

Yes try it because the puppies are also alive in the apartment there is no grass!

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