/ / Which breed of dogs is the most intelligent? I think that sheepdog ..

Which breed is the smartest? I think that sheepdog ..

Answer # 1:

Here is the list of the most intelligent breeds:
1.Border Collie.
2. The Poodle.
3. German Shepherd Dog.
4. The Golden Retriever.
6. Sheltie (shetland sheepdog).
7. Labrador.
9. Rottweiler.
10. Australian shepherd's dog.

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

And this is how you will bring up

Answer # 4:

Dogs can not be intelligent ... They can be more intelligent and trained ...

Answer # 5:

There is no intelligent breed of dogs. There is a host who educates his dog, and it depends on it - the clever dog will or will not raise the level of his intelligence, because there are no stupid dogs.

Answer No. 6:

Your dog is always the smartest.

Answer No. 7:

The easiest to learn is that it will be more correct to say
This is the Border Collie
German in third place

Answer No. 8:

The intelligent owner and the dog will understand.

Answer No. 9:

Shepherd on the third place in any site is written, and the most intelligent breed of dogs is Border Collie Terrier

Answer No. 10:

Border Collie

Answer No. 11:

Consider the most intelligent poochs

Answer No. 12:

The cleverest and cleverest are the husky (any)
They are the oldest among rocks.

And so .. the most intelligent dogs - not stupid hosts ...
A stupid master does not develop a dog ....
So many times this was convinced .. It's not a stupid dog ... and its owner .... they also complain ... but you'll take for a walk or with them you will learn in 20 minutes something to stunts or walk on a leash normally - wonder ...

Answer # 13:

Smart is how? Write, read, speak dogs can not)
For training - it is better to have a service book, grab andCatch a small animal, a fox and hunt a wild boar - terriers, drive the beast to death - a hound, etc. each breed has its own destiny and each is intelligent in its own way ...

Answer # 14:


Answer No. 15:

And I think that in the first place poodles are royal and collies, and then sheep dogs, labry. Here is a good playlist about dogs http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toplist_intelligence_dog

Answer # 16:

The cleverest are those who are almost purebred, regardless of the breed, and it also depends on the "personality" of the dog, so to speak, what was born, and from proper education)))

Answer # 17:

The most approximate in all respects to a human being is a Chinese crested dog, and everything else from upbringing depends

Answer # 18:

If you deal with a dog, then any breed will be a smart catfish

Answer No. 19:

Only a German Shepherd demonstrates insight!

Answer # 20:

If you are a sheep, then the most adequate (or cleverly simple) dog is a shepherd.

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