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We want to have a dog

Answer # 1:

I would not advise novice terriers andSchnauzers - they are far from simple. Hunters are also discarded (taxes, jack-rasslets and others - they are hyperactive and they need a lot of physical and mental stress). Siba-inu novice - not in life, they have a specific character, not everyone can cope with. Truly said to me: how you will bring up, this will happen. So save money not only for the purchase of a puppy from a trustworthy breeder (and purchase from a breeder is a guarantee of a good nervous system and normal health), but also for a cynologist (be sure to see that the cynologist is working on positive reinforcement and do not beat the dog yourself - Otherwise you will get a little hysterics, which will either bite and snap or close in yourself). You should also understand that responsibility is not, however, on children, but on you - adults. From the breeds: pug, Pekingese, Yorkshire terrier (or beaver york). With proper education - any dog ​​is good. I have a German small spitz - a quiet dog. When I'm busy or if I'm not at home, he's asleep, but active when we go out and do business (and in general, read the history of the chosen breed, there are answers to all the questions, for example, Spitz are watchmen, so they like to bark, siba-inu are independent and Etc.). Good luck in choosing and remember: that dog that is well-bred is good.

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Answer # 3:

We have a French bulldog. A full member of the family) eats a little, the hair is short, which is very important, there is not much room, an awesome good-natured and merry fellow, especially if you do not leave him alone and spend time with him

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Answer No. 6:

Less active pugs, fr. Bulldogs, English. Bulldogs and children love

Answer No. 7:

You can Toy terrier) cute, small, friendly) well, if you do not like these, then the pug)

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Answer No. 9:

The one that is brought up and socialized from childhood will be non-aggressive ...
Refers, again, will be to children the way you educate and socialize ...
And what type of wool do you prefer?
While I can advise a pug, chihuahua, Russian toy, a lewreth, a papillon, a Yorkshire terrier, a zwergschnauzer ...

Answer No. 10:

Hello, I want to advise a Japanese dog of the breed Shiba Inu. Now in Russia is gaining popularity.
She is very clean, small (from 38-41 cm), great for an apartment, gets along well with children.
Read more about this dog on the Internet.
Personally, my friend and this is just a mercy, also we also think to have one.
The only negative is the price, quite expensive.
Here is a photo of a dog

Answer No. 11:

I advise the Alaskan kli-kaya (he's a mini husky),Corgi (she's a mini shepherd), Australian Shepherd (incredibly beautiful and intelligent), dwarf bull terrier (do not believe what they say, they are not at all aggressive, very nice and get along well with people), malinois (very graceful and smart)! In general, everything depends on the owner, what kind of dog you do not take, it will be the way you will bring it up. Good luck in choosing,

Answer No. 12:

The first to mind were the pug, the Pekingese, perhaps the Yorkshire Terrier or the Russian one, the Chihuahua. In general, look at the smallest of the least active.
The above advised Siba Inu: dogs are heavy in education and in themselves.

Answer # 13:

Well try English Bulldog

Answer # 14:

Try without a breed, they often() ())) And into the mountains with us, and by swimming, and into the forest, and by boat, everywhere (((For 2 years, twice only to the south, drove 3,000 km in one side, the children simply adore , Older - admired)) (and the breed -0 is not needed

Answer No. 15:

Buy a basset hound, he is small, calm,Loves children, never offends anyone, lives with cats and other animals. They have a lot of wrinkles on the top of the head. They have smooth, short hair. They are very sociable with people. Very peaceful animals. Basset Hound can easily take root in any family. If it's interesting to look at the characteristics on the Internet.

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