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Beaver York - breed description, health, care and photo

The first kids of the breed "Beaver Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom-Pont"Were born thirty years ago in GermanyIn the family of German breeders Werner and Gertrude Beaver. Parents of unusual puppies were Yorkshire terriers. The Beaver family worked with Yorkshire terriers for 20 years, and the appearance of the litter with white spots was a big surprise, but the breeders did not stop there and cemented this breeding line. So there was a breed of "beaver". The prefix in the name of the breed "a la Pom-Pon" translates as "a colored tangle of yarn" and the beavers owe it to the husband of the German singer Margot Eskens, who gave her a puppy of this breed, providing this epithet.

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Beaver york - a small, harmoniously built up dog up to 27 cm and weighing from 2 to 3.5 kg.

Her pride is a luxurious long perfectly straightWool, flowing elegant mantle along the sides of the body of good proportions and forming a part along the whole line of the top from the head to the base of the tail. On the body, wool from the withers reaches a length to the ground, silk in texture, not fluffy, but rather thick, does not hide the proportions of the body. The tail is unprotected and also covered with hair.

The main difference from york - color. It can be quite diverse. So, on a head there can be maculae: white - black - gold or white - blue - gold. Case: black and white or white-blue, blue or black with a white "jabot". Paws, chest and stomach are always white.


The nature of the york beaver

This is a cheerful, active, intelligent and confident dog, very affectionate and contact, with a balanced and strong character. This is the exhibition standard of the breed.

In fact, the beaver is more balanced than the york. But it depends on education.

Beavers are terriers and have their own traits.Ancient ancestor: courage, perseverance, and, at times, stubbornness. Therefore, if necessary, the host should show firmness and courage, despite the touching appearance of the puppy.

Beaver - puppies for life, keeping children'sSpontaneity and openness of character. At the same time, they quickly understand what can not be done, but what can be done in the house and unobtrusive. Perfectly adapted for home keeping.

Care of the beaver

The main problem of care is the care ofLuxurious wool of this breed. It must be regularly combed. If the dog does not intend to attend the exhibition, then for convenience it is reasonable to cut it shorter, for example, under the puppy.

After bathing, drying with warm air is necessary with the help of a hair dryer with simultaneous combing.

Ears need to be cleaned with cotton buds, and wool on them to shear, revealing a third of the ear. Also, you need to constantly cut the hair between the pads of the fingers and around the paw.

When changing milk teeth, the beavers often do not drop their fangs. If by seven months this did not happen, you need to contact the veterinarian and remove them. It is necessary to regularly remove tartar.

It is necessary to take into account the curious and daring nature of the beavers, so walks should always take place on a leash so that the dog does not rush off somewhere.

Health of the beaver york

Beavers live quite a long time - 12-15 years. They also have the most common diseases inherent in this breed.

Portosystemic extrahepatic shunts - congenitalVascular pathology, in which the dog stops growing, often causes vomiting, convulsions. It is treated surgically. Acute pancreatitis - destruction of pancreatic tissue. His frequent cause is a high-calorie diet and an overweight animal.

Leggy-Perthes disease is not an inflammatory necrosis of the head of the femur, which is manifested by progressive lameness and muscle atrophy. It is treated only surgically.

Many diseases of beavers are hereditary, therefore, before purchasing a puppy, one should collect information about its breed line.

Photo of the beaver york

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