/ / Which breed of dogs is the most faithful?

Which breed of dogs is the most faithful?

Answer # 1:

The most loyal breed of dogs is Laika! She allocates only one master for herself and lives only for him! Extraction kills and brings to the owner!
But she is able to live only on the street, she is not a domestic dog!
And the most faithful and kind ideal for family and soul! It's Labrador and Golden Retriever!
Dogs are super!
Good luck!

Answer # 2:

German Shepherd

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

The mongrel or bulldog

Answer # 5:

There are no faithful dogs, there are not true owners!

Answer No. 6:

But, to be fair - any, brought up.

Answer No. 7:

Middle Asiatic Shepherd Dog (Alabai)

Answer No. 8:

Husky or spaniels

Answer No. 9:

All true, the main thing is for her to be a friend, a true friend. The dog will always respond to your love with reciprocity

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

German Shepherd.

Answer No. 12:

Men, if you love them ....

Answer # 13:

East-European Shepherds

Answer # 14:

What is the most intelligent, the most kind, the most cheerful, the most beautiful, the most devoted ....
It depends on the particular dog and its owner, and certainly not on the breed.
There are more independent as maremma for example, there are more proud eg Pekingese, this does not mean that they are less loyal and then there are different representatives of any breed.

Answer No. 15:

I apologize in advance ... but how could such a stupid question come to mind? All dogs are faithful!

Answer # 16:

The most faithful breed of dog is a pooch!

Answer # 17:

Pug - Little Very Faithful Dog) !!!!

Answer # 18:

I suppose that aboriginal breeds of dogs can be conditionally called "the most faithful", since they are dogs of one master

Answer No. 19:

Olga Starakon, you are right about the husky just onHalf. Laika is able to live at home like all other breeds !! !! And there is no doubt about this, because the very different breeds have been and will be, also with wild animals. All dogs, etc., are true to their owners !! !! I already said, and again I will say that it all depends on the owner himself !!!! If the owner is stupid (sorry for the expression), then his dog will be like that ....

Answer # 20:

Poodles or dachshunds are the most faithful pussies ..

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