/ / Does anyone have allergic dogs?

Is anyone with allergic dogs?

Answer # 1:

Acan is hypoallergenic.
And in an ideal to learn, than fed the previous ownersAnd pick up food with a radically different composition. When my dog ​​allergened to the fishy Arden Grunge, I did not understand whether it was for fish or potatoes, just transferred to Akana with a lamb, in which there is no chicken, fish, or potatoes =)

Answer # 2:

So then translate to hills dd. Then try the hills with the lamb, if again an allergy, then for life dd. But this is individual, maybe dd does not help. There further with the doctor it is necessary.

Answer # 3:

Find out first, what exactly is the allergy, then it will be possible to pick up the feed.
A friend on my avatar, for example, is allergicOn some hypoallergenic food)) but perfectly lives on the usual food without any notices "hypo ...", in which there is simply no beef and beef offal to which it gives a reaction.

Answer # 4:

We tried, liked!
Dry hypoallergenic dog food 1st CHOICEIt was created especially for dogs with a sensitive stomach and suffering from food allergies. Fresh duck (source of hypoallergenic proteins) is the main ingredient of this balanced and tasty formula.

Answer # 5:

Start with Bosch's food, I've been looking for my dog ​​for a long time, until this friend advised us about this food. Here we live in peace, without any allergies.

Answer No. 6:

Exclusive diet. The feed can be taken to infinity. It's easier to do this with natural food.

Answer No. 7:

Do not change the dog's food. The French are very sensitive to this. It is better to choose hills hypoallergenic with a veterinarian, so the dog will be better!

Answer No. 8:

Bosch with rice and lamb is great for allergy sufferers.

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