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Dogs and cats

Answer # 1:

Well I do not know. It's 50/50. Here in our house constantly, a new cat (cat, kitten) then a dog, or rather a puppy, appears. I do not remember a single case that one of our cats (cats) with a dog would still be fighting or a cat attacking a puppy or something else. Here's what when a puppy approached a cat or a cat approached, then yes, it was the case, the cotyte pawed the puppy in the face and ran away, but never tore into a fight with the puppy, especially with an adult dog. Exception: if the cat has kittens, then the mother cat can put the dog and the mutilation, protecting their children.
And you, if there is a desire, then take a dog,Bring them into the house, watch both of them, do not leave them alone. Forcibly do not even try to introduce them and even more to make friends - it will not work, because they themselves will sort out each other.
When you leave the house (to the store, to work, for example), for the first time always isolate them from each other.

Answer # 2:

Here 50 to 50 ..

Answer # 3:

It all depends on the nature of these animals.
Then how lucky. My cat watched the puppy, gave out bream, and yes - kind, affectionate. And when the Moscow watchdog grew up, it began to guard the cat ... and she also confused it with strangers and sometimes rushed. But not deadly.
If you live in an apartment, they will fight for Khafk, they are such dogs.

Answer # 4:

It depends on what breed. We took the labrador. The cat at first was not used to ... Sizzled, hit the muzzle ... After a week they were already in one crib asleep.

Answer # 5:

The cat will kill your dog. She lives with you for 6 years, believes that this is her territory and will not tolerate competition. Although it may not kill but each other, they will heal

Answer No. 6:

I think there's no way to predict) All animals have different characters. It's like a wheel of fortune)

Answer No. 7:

We have in the apartment and cats (3) and a dog. The older moth is more terrible than the angry dog. She is already the sixth year, but still attacks the people entering the apartment (except me and my wife). And attacks, jumping from the refrigerator, pushing forward claws and howling.
When they brought a small puppy, the cat alsoTried to attack him - hissed, pawed. But when the puppy began to whine, as the cat immediately resorted to him, she began to lick it, murch. The dog calmed down, the cat considered that the mission had fulfilled and, having knocked with a paw, left.
If you really want to have a dog, start it. Leaving the house do not leave them alone - close or put in an enclosure, or a cat in a separate room. Your cat will certainly get used to the dog, only time, patience and attentiveness are needed.

Answer No. 8:

We have two cats, a cat and a dog. One cat only spends time with the cat (they are not a couple, since they are all sterilized). We took a small kitten so that the dog was not bored. At first, the dog was good at it (it turned out to be a kitty), licked it, slept in an embrace. Now the kitten has grown into a decent cat size - 5.5 kg and no longer allows anyone. Takes away food from everyone, drives a second cat, which is older, but smaller in size. Only the cat does not offend - for the cat immediately enters the dog, she knew him as a puppy, also slept together. So everything depends on the nature. And a little from education. But in general - nothing terrible.

Answer No. 9:

Do not put the puppy to the cat right away. She would take this for an attempt on her territory. Let's get used to the smell and the fact of its appearance. Do not bother to get acquainted when the cat itself wants to come up, but do not let the puppy molest the cat until she finally took it. Most importantly, do not forget that cats are single, and dogs are schooling animals! This is the basis for the difference in their etiquette and habits, as well as all misunderstandings and conflicts between them.

Answer No. 10:

At friends of the house 4 dogs are quite large and 2 cats. The soul lives in the soul) Nobody offends anyone.
Cases of course are different, but still I think I'm getting to know each other. The dog breed is also important, some simply can not stand other pets.

Answer No. 11:

A lot of detailed articles about this are written on different sites with cat subjects, for example, mycobes. Rf. Read it.

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