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The largest breed of dogs?

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English Mastiff - an old English breedDogs that bear the status of the largest breed of dogs in the world. The average growth of these giants is 69-91 cm, and the weight can vary from 68 to 110 kg in males and from 54 to 91 kg in females. The record holder of this breed is a huge English mastiff named Aikama Zorba, who got into the Guinness Book of Records, with a height of 94 cm and a weight of 155.58 kg. Mastiffs-aristocrats are known for their power, courage, balance and peace. They perfectly cope with both the role of the guard dog and the role of the companion dog.
The Spanish mastiff is a breed of giant dogs,The birthplace of which is Extremadura, Spain. Initially, the breed was used to protect livestock from wolves and other predators. The growth of the male of the Spanish mastiff ranges from 77-88 cm, weight - 80-120 kg, the height of the bitch at the withers is 72-88 cm, weight - 70-100 kg. This noble giant will be a wonderful friend to all family members and a reliable house guard.
German dog

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German mastiff if you take the height at the withers

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English mastiff, and in general mastiffs (weight on the average 90-100kg, its the same 155kg record), and the Great Dane is just long legs, nothing more

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The highest Irish wolfhounds and Great Danes, the largest and most extensive mastiffs, primarily English

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If you compare mastiff and mastiff, the dog wins, It seems!

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Elam wolfhound.

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If the growth at the withers - the recoddsmen were usually dogs of the breed of the Great Dane.
In the Guinness Book of Records, the English mastiff and St. Bernard fell by weight.
And if the impression ... As for me, so combed the Caucasus in the winter and the Tibetan mastiff produce more impression than the above-named breeds.

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St. Bernard, German Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Moscow Watchdog ...

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