/ / Neighbors complain very much about barking a 3 month old puppy.

Neighbors complain very much about barking a 3 month old puppy.

Answer # 1:

No, you do not violate the law, the puppy whines in the afternoon ... and according to the law you can not make noise from 23 o'clock till 6 am, so ...

Answer # 2:

Let the puppy nurse them in the sneaker.

Answer # 3:

Let him whine and bark.
Buy any antilay, he quickly stops battling and whining for no reason.


And their neighbors should be respected. Believe me, they also have a lot of ways to ruin your life.

Answer # 4:

You can make noise during the day, you can not disturb peace of mind from 22.00 (or 23.00) to 7.00
But I do not remember the exact time, so + - a couple of hours)

Answer # 5:

For whining of course you will not be, notViolate any laws, but it is better to adjust this issue, leave the TV or radio switched on for the time of your leaving so that the puppy has a sense of presence of someone at home

Answer No. 6:

And + pogryzushku - that was busy))

Answer No. 7:

Give him toys or turn on the TV so that he feels that there is not one at home

Answer No. 8:

Well, by law, nothing. Still, if you do not want to quarrel with neighbors, it's better to continue disaccustoming it. Good luck in everything!!!)))

Answer No. 9:

You do not violate the law, relations with neighbors are good, but misunderstanding of neighbors is bad. And what will they "sing" when you have a little child, who can cry both day and night?

Answer No. 10:

Violation of the law here and does not smell, so live peacefully. On neighbors who do not understand something, namely DO NOT want to understand you, do not pay attention.
Before feeding the puppy, play with itactively. And leaving the house leave the puppy big, a damp bone with a piece of meat on it, the shoulder part or the bean is suitable, for example. Leave some toys-pogryzeshek. You can also leave the TV or radio on so that the puppy does not sit in silence.

Answer No. 11:

When you turn on turn on the TV, let the news of the neighbors happen instead of whining. Still, heavy rock is good ... But the puppy vryatli like it :) From 7 to 23 hours you can by law whine as much as you want.

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