/ / We want to have a dog, live in an apartment, who better to take a collie or sheltie

We want to have a dog, live in an apartment, who better to take a collie or sheltie

Answer # 1:

Find somewhere a stray dog, a puppy (the main good) Wash, feed. You will do a very good deed and please yourself with a pet

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Which floor? Is there an elevator? How will the Shetty with his puffy paws cross the steps of the stairs?

Answer # 4:

The modern collie, too, is unlikely to protect you ... And training shettyaki succumbs no worse. I would probably have taken Shelty with this choice - the dog is smaller, so it will be less trouble with her.
Although I personally more on the kollyaham, myself with the collie grew up sometime, maybe I'll take it someday

Answer # 5:

For the owner and a small dog can stand up. For example, I have a zwergpinscher. God forbid, whoever touches me will bite. But still sheltie, in my opinion, is not good for protection, they are very affectionate, it seems to me (but I can be mistaken)

Answer No. 6:

As you like ...

Answer No. 7:

Want a bigger and calmer dog - take itCollie, you want smaller and more active - Sheltie. Protect neither one nor the other can not, at most, puff, and they will not bite, not the character. But both are trained and others are fine. All my life I kept the collie, now I went to the sheltie - they are more accommodated in the apartment and there are fewer problems in transport.

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

The collies are very smart. Sheltie for beginners dog breeders. And there is a brief information about them. First Shetie. The second is Collie.

Answer No. 10:

Protection from the modern collie no. For me no matter which of these, differ only in size

Answer No. 11:

But is it not the same breed?

Answer No. 12:

Sheltie. And from whom did you intend to defend yourself? Even a small dog protects the owner - barking, biting. But any large dog can be killed with a knife or a weapon if desired. So that the collie will also not protect

Answer # 13:

Collie is a shepherd's shepherd dog. Protective functions are very low, and wool will be everywhere

Answer # 14:

Watching for what purposes you start a dog. In a small apartment it is better not to have a large dog. Six from the collie will be a lot. To protect the dog usually in the house plant. A bark and a little will be for the whole house http://cynologycentre.ru/articles19.html

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