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Milk teeth in Chihuahua: change, when falling out, how many of them

Chihuahua, like all dogs, has 42 permanent teeth. Of these, 20 are in the upper jaw, and 22 - in the lower jaw. Teeth are not the same, there are four kinds. These are fangs, incisors, premolars and molars.

If the dog is just a pet, notIt is important how many teeth she has, but the exhibition pet has no tooth. Puppies chihuahua are born toothless. The very first teeth appear in them around 12-16 days. These are temporary milk teeth - four canine teeth. Soon after them premolars and incisors erupt.

The incisors in each jaw must be 6. Milk premolars of 5, because they do not have the first tooth. Its appearance is an alarming sign that a permanent tooth on this place will not grow anymore.

This is considered a developmental disability and chihuhuaA defect to the exhibition will not be allowed. By the age of 1.5-2 months, 28 teeth form in the jaw of the chihuahua - a full "milk" kit. Although the norm is considered and if the teeth are slightly smaller or larger. The truth when changing them, too, may be less, or may increase.

Chihuahua's teeth change

Chihuahua dairy teeth changeIn dogs of this breed, the change of milk teeth onPermanent starts from 3-4 months and ends about half a year. First, the incisors change. At this moment, under the small root of the milk tooth, the embryo of the molar begins to form. In this case, the root of the milk tooth begins to dissolve, the tooth becomes shaky and falls off very quickly.

However, do not host the dog completelyRely on nature and wait until the teeth change. The fact is that permanent teeth grow so on the path of least resistance. That is, they appear on the channel, which appears after the loss of the milk tooth. And it turns out that if the root of the milk tooth does not dissolve in time, then it must be removed sooner.

Otherwise, uneven new teeth can grow. If the puppy is weakened and painful, his teeth may be delayed. Therefore, in such a critical period, the small Chihuahua should be well taken care of and taken in time to take the necessary measures. Milk tooth, which does not drop out on time must be removed.

If he staggers, you can try to do itYourself. Finger gently loosen the tooth until it falls out. This procedure is good because a small puppy Chihuahua will not need to give anesthesia, which is very dangerous for his health and life. If you can not do it yourself, you need to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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