/ / Which breeds are most often lost to the owners and why?

Which breeds are most often lost to the owners and why?

Answer # 1:

Hunting dogs are often lost, namely hounds andHusky, that is, those who hunt in a large distance from the hunter. Laika hunting can go from the owner to 5 kilometers, and the hound is not less. Laika can also leave in the city and there, whoever finds it and warms up. And the hound on the hunt does not always return to the hunter.

Answer # 2:

I do not know about the breed, I do not think such statistics of breeds. Lost those who walk without a lead.

Answer # 3:

In non-breeding hosts, and the breed does not matter!

Answer # 4:

It depends not on the breed, but on the lack of a leash and upbringing, as well as on the sexual concern of pets

Answer # 5:

It is better to ask which hosts lose their dogs more often and why?))

Answer No. 6:

Miniature probably often lost))

Answer No. 7:

What kind of dog people are more likely to get lost and why? Answer: the stupid

Answer No. 8:

HASKI - looked in the ads - the guard!
They are very freedom-loving and do not like leashes))))))
In this case, there is a character trait - to love everyone.
And one more nuance - beautiful and now fashion for this breed, so they are willing to choose

Answer No. 9:

The dog is lost in bad hosts. If the dog is a member of the family, a friend - he will not be lost ....

Answer No. 10:

Agrees that hunting is more inclined to independence .... by experience I think that the males are more often lost in search of bitches .... his male Pekingese was only walking on a leash ....

Answer No. 11:

Mongrels ...

In our city they always announce they are weighing .. the mongrel was gone ....

constantly. .

But from the breed there is not enough, which depends ..

Answer No. 12:

Dogs of all breeds are lost most often in careless and irresponsible masters.

Answer # 13:

The question is not true. Faithful: which hosts often lose dogs?

Answer # 14:

Who is not on a leash, he is lost

Answer No. 15:

I have a york, her mother ran 2 times! The first time people picked up can see themselves wanted to go to a pet store and they asked what to feed her? Those thought once you do not know the dog is not yours and the code on the dog was returned. And my whole mother went only and runs but not far away!

Answer # 16:

Most often in Moscow, fees are lost.

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