/ / How the dog breed is good for hunting7

How the dog breed is good for hunting7

Answer # 1:

Watching for what kind of hunt. There are girlfriend dogs, there are simply hunting. And there are such that both the wolf and the bear will go.

Answer # 2:

Dachshund or spaniel ...

Answer # 3:

Hunting spaniel !!!!)))))))))))

Answer # 4:

No doubt the West Siberian Laika

Answer # 5:

The dachshund is very good

Answer No. 6:

Spaniel hunting

Answer No. 7:

Dachshund! In general, a hunting spaniel!

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

Weimaraner, kurtshaar

Answer No. 10:

STO looking who will be the victim

Answer No. 11:

Kokker Spaniel!
English desirable.

Although it still depends on who to hunt. If the bird, then spaniel, if the burrow in the burrow - then the dachshund)

Answer No. 12:


Answer # 13:

American water spaniel
English raccoon hound
English Setter
Argentinean dog
Afghan hound
Bavarian Mountain Hound
Barbet (dog)
Bedlington Terrier
Smooth-haired fox terrier
Golden Retriever
Irish Water Spaniel
Irish Red Setter
Karelian bear dog
Clumber Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel
Curled Stern Retriever
Labrador retriever
German Wachtelhund
New Scotland Retriever
Pointer (breed of dogs)
Labrador Retriever
Retriever (continued)
Russian hound greyhound
Russian hunting spaniel
Russian-European Laika
Tazy (breed of dogs)
Pharaoh's dog
Fox terrier

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Cirneco del Etna

Silky Windhound
The Scottish Setter

Epanyol Breton

Yakut husky

Answer # 14:


Answer No. 15:

It depends on your nature and type of hunting. What are you going to hunt? On waterfowl, or on a bear, on a hare, on a partridge or maybe on women ?? If you do not specify a specific question, then you do not get a specific answer. I think that you should decide on the type of hunting. Good luck!

Answer # 16:

Russian Hound and Cocker

Answer # 17:

Ooo, expert advisers ... Experts just by breed. Not knowing the type of hunting, terrain and abilities of the hunter, the only known hunting breeds were advised here.

Actually the question to the author? How can you say which dog is good for hunting, not knowing in what terrain you are going to hunt and on whom ??

Answer # 18:

I agree with the speakers above. Who will you hunt, where? Very different breeds are, and all are hunting. For example. If a duck or a pheasant, you need a friend's dog such as a spaniel, setter, drathaar, etc. If on large ungulates, then a hound. The hounds are greyhound. On foxes or badgers - dachshund, yagter terrier, fox terrier. The most universal hunting breeds are husky: with them, and on the wild boar, and on the bear, and on the squirrel, and on the bird walk. If you live in the north, it's better like husky, they can wander in the woods for a long time and their hair does not get wet.

Answer No. 19:

Answer # 20:

Estonian hound

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