/ / The dog was bitten by a tick, what to do at home, the veterinarian will only prune in the morning how to calm the dog?

The dog was bitten by a tick, what should a veterinarian do at home only in the morning, how to soothe the dog?

Answer # 1:

Remove the mite (smear with oil, it does not come outFrom the thread loop and quietly drag), a dog in the branch tomorrow to pull senselessly, from 3 days to a week watch her, what kind of appetite, general condition and always look after the urine. If he starts writing with blood - in the branch running (or previously listed signs). And under the dropper, take two in two. If nothing is okay! Dogs become infected with ticks only with pyroplasmosis.

Answer # 2:

Already delayed? So the bill goes to the clock ... It's too late to wait until morning. Look for a car and around the clock. Can still stretch poor thing (

Answer # 3:

Nothing incubation period of pyroplasmosis, 7 days. So, that until the morning nothing will happen.

Answer # 4:

Remove the mite and wait for the doctor to arrive

Answer # 5:

What to do when the tick was bitten: https://vk.com/wall-114365605?own=1&w=wall-114365605_1794

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