/ How old is the puppy?

At what age do you start training your puppy?

Answer # 1:

Education puppy begins with the moment of hisAppearance on the veins. Of the owner's area. And with a 4-month-old age, you need to register with the puppy for the group courses of the PEDITIVE DRESSING training under the guidance of the INSTRUCTOR. Good luck.

Answer # 2:

It is possible with 2 months :)

Answer # 3:

From the earliest, no more than a year

Answer # 4:

From 16 weeks.

Answer # 5:

From 3 months the puppy begins to show character and at once it is possible to bring up education

Answer No. 6:

We started with 1 month as a foo, to me and the nickname.

Answer No. 7:

From 1 month

Answer No. 8:

The earlier the better the team will remember the puppy

Answer No. 9:

To bring up from the first day of the appearance of the puppy in the house. On the dressing table from 3-4 months.
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Answer No. 10:

As soon as you bring home, from the first day. Team "Place" "to me" and knowledge of the nickname. I have been teaching puppies for 2 months to all teams OKD Im about 2 months.

Answer No. 11:

From the middle of the year .. my dog ​​went to practice every Tuesday and Thursday, now only hand up and the dog is already sitting. Do not have to 1 month ... the dog is just starting to play and will hardly be obeyed

Answer No. 12:

One way or another, training will begin with bringing the puppy home: learning to name, place, feeding regime and so on

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