/ Why is the dog called Laika Native?

Why is a dog called Laika Native?

Answer # 1:

Samoyed Laika - not the right name. Correctly the breed is called Samoyedsky DOG (Samoyed).
Here you can read more in detail. Including the history of the origin of the name. Http://www.konura.info/sam.html

Answer # 2:

From the name of the people who live in that region. In Samoyed Samoyed Laika. This is even the children know ....

Answer # 3:

It is not so called!
The breed is called SELF
Samoyed sled dog
But a husky hunting dog

Answer # 4:

The Samoyed dog. Do not LIKE THIS!

Answer # 5:

Samoyed dog - in common parlance Samoyed or Sami, one of the oldest breeds of dogs.
For 3000 years the Samoyed dog wasA companion in the northern tribes of the Samoyedic group. Dogs were used for shepherds, hunting, transport. Sometimes they were used as nannies for young children. At night they are often left in the plague to sleep with them in an embrace - they help not to freeze. When you embrace the samoyed - he freezes and becomes extremely careful and careful not to disturb the person once again. - Samoyed dog - [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]

Answer No. 6:

She eats herself quietly to old age does not remain

Answer No. 7:

And I know why! I already asked such a question. And someone, in my opinion, answered me correctly. Indeed, by the name of the people, but not because those "themselves ate," but because they moved on skis, which "themselves go."

Answer No. 8:

The dog is harnessed to the sleigh, and, since it is completely white, it seems that the sleigh is riding by itself))) so Samoyed (it would be more logical to SELF-DEAD)

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