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How to accustom a chihuahua to a tray or a diaper

Immediately when you see a puppy in the house you need to decide,What to teach him. You can use special diapers for dogs that absorb well. And you can accustom to the cat's tray without filler.

At the same time, taking the baby from the breeder, it is worthTo ask where the puppy went to the toilet in his house. Perhaps he has already developed such an important habit and will not have to retrain the baby. For example, if a child is accustomed to a newspaper, you can spread out more newspapers on the floor in a new house. They will help remember the kid, where to do his "business."

How to accustom a chihuahua to a tray by means of the newspaper?

After each time the puppy sits onNewspaper, it should be generously praised. You can also put it on the newspaper immediately after eating or sleeping. However, it should be borne in mind that, getting into a new home, the kid is greatly lost from the abundance of new and so far alien smells, objects, and impressions. He may become confused and not immediately understand what and how to do it right.

Therefore, the new owner should have patience. When the baby learns, he will remember well what can and should not be done. From the very beginning it is better to teach the puppy from the newspaper. Her bed in the arena, right next to the puppy's place. When he goes to the toilet, you need to praise the puppy with approving intonations and play with him. When the kid himself begins to run to his newspaper, you need to put in the arena a tray with a newspaper inside.

When the puppy gets used to the tray, the newspaper is moreYou can not put it in it. If the puppy wrote past the tray, do not scold him, it is better to show his dissatisfaction with intonation: "Baby! Well, how could you! "In no case should the child be punished. He still does not understand why he is so disgraced. Only if you have directly witnessed the commission of a "wrongful act" of a puppy, at this very moment you can strictly say: "You can not!" Or "FU!"

Also it is impossible for the puppy to poke his face in the fact that heDone it. The baby will only be frightened, but still will not understand what the master wants from him. All these initial difficulties are overcome only by the patience and consistent behavior of the master, and not by cries and punishments. If you love to have a chihuahua asleep in your bed, be prepared to wake up and send it to the newspaper three or four times a night.

From the bed he can not jump. But it is better not to take the puppy on the bed, until he properly learns to walk on the tray. Over time, the tray moves away from the puppy place to where it will stand permanently.

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