/ / Question to dog owners dogs) From the penis small purulent discharge. What do you do in such cases?

Question to the owners of dogs dogs) From the penis small purulent discharge. What do you do in such cases?

Answer # 1:

Male apparently still very young somewhereJust over 8 months so? Then this is an age-related discharge, they usually appear in the form of greenish droplets, they usually pass by themselves without interference or you can wash the pipette with a mirabital, if the allocation is abundant, it is advisable to consult a doctor

Answer # 2:

Miramistin will help you!

Answer # 3:

Specific venereal diseases also occur in animals ... Lead to a veterinarian ...

Answer # 4:

Perhaps this is the so-called dog syphilis I pierced my dog ​​with antibiotics. Check with a veterinarian.

Answer # 5:

Oh my God, right now you are going to be penned, about syphilis .. Yes easily it can be simply from a dust and a dirt, to wash out miramistinom, they to rub everywhere, here and there is such sometimes, it is possible to wash simply with water or a camomile

Answer No. 6:

Are you sure this is a purulent discharge? In males, the secret of the prostate has a greenish color, which is often mistaken for pus. Rinse the dog of pre-impurities during washing, can be warmed with a stream of water from the shower, or a small enema, for daily maintenance it is enough to wash it with water. If you are sure that the discharge is purulent, show the veterinarian, let him make an analysis for inflammatory diseases. Then already the veterinarian will appoint nyxes or local lavages.

Answer No. 7:

We in such cases run to VETERINARY!

Answer No. 8:

If I doubt the health of my dog, then lead her to the wind!

Answer No. 9:

Chlorhexidine rubbed

Answer No. 10:

You type in a syringe antiseptic (hlohexidine orMiramistin or monclavit), insert a syringe without needles into the prep (sack in which the penis is located), enter the solution there, remove the syringe and clamp the hole of the prepuce, along the penis, distribute the solution along the entire mucosa and penis, remove the hand from the prepuce , The solution is poured out. So it is better to do 2-3 times. The amount of solution depends on the size of the dog. The procedure should be carried out 2 times a day for 7-10 days (depending on the severity of the process).
If the purulent discharge is preserved,To address to vet the doctor and to hand over flushes on sexual latent infections. Further treatment depending on the result obtained. Wash on PCR diagnostics usually do 2-3 days

Answer No. 11:

What is it?

Separation from the genitals - oftenEncountered trouble in males. By the nature of the discharge can be light, cloudy (from white to yellow-green color), as well as with an admixture of blood. In general, they can be seen only in males, they practically do not occur in cats. You can notice both the selection itself, and the fact that the male often lickens the area of ​​the penis.

Why is this happening?

The reason for the discharge from the preputial bag isMost often inflammation in it (balanoposthitis), but also they can be in other diseases. Causes of secretions from the genitourinary opening may be several (inflammation in the urethra or in the bladder, prostate disease, the presence of stones in the urinary tract, etc.). Therefore, in all cases of detection of secretions from the urethra it is necessary to consult a doctor for an accurate explanation of the cause. Inflammatory diseases of the prepuce sack are often found in young males during puberty.

What need to do?

If you notice a discharge from the penis,First of all you need to inspect it. To do this properly, you need to put the dog on its side, (well, if you have someone to help), raise the upper hind paw, fix one penis by the thickening (bulbs), the other gently push the skin (prep.). Carefully examine the penis itself (you should be alerted by redness, soreness, the presence of vesicles (follicles) in the area of ​​the base of the penis, the presence of any formations on it). Examine the opening of the urethra to make sure that there are no excreta.

When should I see a doctor?

If the allocation is abundant or bloody
If the discharge goes directly from the urethra
If the examination of the penis can not be carried out by itself or it delivers obvious painful sensations to the animal
If you find any formations on the penis or a strong redness on it
ATTENTION!! If, in addition to the discharge, you notice any problems with urination in the animal (difficulty, soreness, lack of urination), the doctor should be treated URGENTLY!

... and when you can manage yourself:

In case you did not find it during the examinationThe above characteristics and the general condition of your pet is normal, you can try to manage yourself. Most often, this is an ordinary inflammation, in order to cure it, it is necessary to wash the preputial bag 2-3 times a day. To do this, you need a syringe or a regular syringe for 10-20 ml without a needle. The following solutions can be used: chlorhexidine, miramistin, dioxidine. Place the dog on its side as well as when examining the penis, pull the probes slightly upward, insert the tip of the syringe with the solution into the hole of the prepuce and insert the solution effortlessly, with fingers slightly clamping the prepias, then just let the solution drain into the tray.

You can repeat this manipulation several times. Usually, after 5-7 days of such procedures, the symptoms go away. If this does not happen, it's best to see a doctor.

What will the doctor do?

In the clinic, the doctor will conduct an examination and, depending on the expected diagnosis, additional studies can be scheduled.
In most cases, with balanoposthitisOnly local treatment is applied, follicular form of balanoposthitis (when vesicles form on the mucous membrane of the penis) is used to cauterize or remove follicles, it is a painless procedure and does not require special preparation of the animal. In the case of finding any formations in the region of the penis or preposition, further cytological studies are performed. Further treatment depends on the results of the studies.

Answer No. 12:

Thank you very much for the consultations, a little calmed down. Be sure to follow your advice

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