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History of the Chihuahua breed, the origin of the Chihuahua

The origin of Chihuahua is mysterious. There are different versions. Some experts believe that the Chihuahua breed is bred in China, others believe that modern Chihuahuas originate from a natural species - a small wild dog that inhabited the territory of present-day Mexico and the south of the United States.

Probably, this wild dog already had big ears, which in the daytime served her as protection from the sun, and at night a blanket for her puppies. After all, it's cold in the desert at night.

Chihuahua, probably brought out the ancient people,Who lived in America 3000 years ago - taltecks. They called this breed tekekki. Then the breed developed in the era of the civilizations of Maya and the Aztecs. The history of these ancient empires is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about their people. What can we know about their dogs? Perhaps, it is possible to assume only one: tiny dogs were bred for religious purposes, like pekinese and shitsu in Tibet. However, traces of chihuahua are found not only in America, but also in China.

In one of the legends of Maya it is said that the god of the sun of an aksaka gave this tiny creature to people for protection from the cruel bird-like god keltkatsuatl.


Constantly being with the people of Maya, chihuahua, supposedly could communicate with the gods through a hole, fontanel, located in their skull, almost never overgrown, even in adulthood.

It can not be said for sure that these dogs lived onlyIn the houses of nobles or priests, although most likely, so it was. After all, they were considered sacred. Perhaps they were even sacrificed after the death of the owner and were buried with him. However, their skeletons in the graves of the Aztecs and Maya were not found. After the disappearance of the Maya empire, the breed disappears for 200 years, and then rebounds in Mexico, where it receives the current name for the city of Chihuahua.

In the early 20th century, the breed was brought to the UnitedStates. Americans go crazy with miniature dogs. Their breeding becomes fashionable. In 1923, the American Chihuahua Club was opened. An annual exhibition starts there. As we see, from the point of view of modern dog breeders, the breed at that time was not uniform. She still has a lot of diversity. This is her charm.

Each dog Chihua-hua unique and unique

The modern history of the breed is full of legends andStories similar to legends. It is said that according to Hitler's plans, the Chihuahua doggies were supposed to direct missiles sent by the Germans against the British. It is known that Chihuahua participated in the first space projects of the USSR, and then the US, thanks to their amazing sense of balance, excellent hearing and highly developed intelligence with such a tiny body.

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