/ I want a Husky puppy. Who knows, maybe in Vladivostok, who gives a puppy to a husky?

I want a puppy of a husky. Who knows, maybe in Vladivostok, who gives a puppy to a husky?

Answer # 1:

Such dogs are really given away, but this is a rare case, look on the internet ..

Answer # 2:

It does not seem to be paying off well, but there are ads for sale on the farpost, the cheapest puppy for 10 tons is sold!
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Answer # 3:

Do you want husky, because blue eyes? These eyes are not all Huskies. And the dog, riding, is not cheap. Also popular, unfortunately.
And so. . I want 30 thousand rubles, you know, maybe in Vladivostok, someone gives 30 thousand. You can even less. Well, at least 10 thousand give in good hands?

Answer # 4:

Little to want)) Progeny puppies give in exchange for a monetary equivalent, generally)) No breeder will not give the puppy a gift, do not expect.

Answer # 5:

First read the details about the breed! You can run with her kilometers for a day ?? Not worth it, Husky dogs are riding, they need to walk for a few hours a day, without samovygula ... well, so look at the price of avito. Ru [link blocked by the decision of the administration of the project] and similar sites ... think again, do you need a home top

Answer No. 6:

If only an adult at whom circumstances have changed and can no longer hold

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