/ / Do dogs with perfectly white as snow wool ???

Are there any Dogs with perfectly white as snow wool ???

Answer # 1:

Yes! To do this, the dog's diet should not contain products that color hair, incidentally, are very useful for canine health (such as carrots, buckwheat, yeast, sea kale, etc.) In addition, you need to wash the animal with special whitening shampoos, apply the appropriate Conditioners, discard metal chains and parts of leather collars (paint the coat around the neck), often drive the dog out into the street in overalls, so as not to get dirty and dusty - otherwise within 2 weeks after washing or visiting the cabin, the wool becomes With a gray tinge ... Another option is to live in the Arctic and feed the dog exclusively with fish ...

Answer # 2:

Bull terrier
Samoyed Laika
West Highland Wye Terrier
White Tibetan Mastiff
Pyrenean mountain dog
South Russian Shepherd and white Swiss Shepherd.

Answer # 3:

Of course.

Answer # 4:

There are. But only at exhibitions.

Answer # 5:

Of course there are !!

Answer No. 6:

Yes Yes Yes !

Answer No. 7:

There are of course

Answer No. 8:

Yes. White washed dogs are always like that.

Answer No. 9:

of course yes. They are so beautiful. Especially when clean

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

Of course, there are))))))

Answer No. 12:

Yes, but it's only for 5 minutes)))))))

Answer # 13:

There are)

Answer # 14:

For example samoyed

Answer No. 15:

White Terriers, Maremma Abruzzi

Answer # 16:

Samoyed dog, pure white!

Answer # 17:

Samoyed Laika
West Highland Wye Terrier
White shepherd
Chihuahua (you can search for color)

Answer # 18:

Yes! Samoyeds for example

Answer No. 19:

Bull terrier
West highland

Answer # 20:

Of course, of course, only require a lot of care ... because if it's not snow on the snow, it will not be so white ... so with the wool

Answer # 21:

Yes, for example:
1.Samoyda Laika [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]
2. Swiss Shepherd Dog http://zoosite.ru/v2/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/cherokee_baltic_beauty_1.jpg
3. White Japanese Spitz http://www.konura.info/foto/jash.jpg
But remember that it always remains snow-white, you need careful care after it)

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