/ What kind of dog do you have for your home?

What kind of dog to bring home

Answer # 1:

In the house in the country - I would have got a sheepdog or rotvelera (a large dog)
In the apartment - chihuahua, a German pinscher, a small pooch in the end (any small breed)
I can explain why, at the dacha you need good protection, even more so when building, in an apartment a big dog will not be able to interfere with anything)))

Answer # 2:

The one that more like it.

Answer # 3:

In a private house any, in the apartment niaku ...

Answer # 4:

If small .. then I will advise dwarf pinscher, pug .. if a large breed of dog then shepherd ..

Answer # 5:

Looking at the size if the apartment is small and if at home, even though hunting vseravno vodovore and even inside * b

Answer No. 6:

For home: Collie, Boxer, Doberman
For the apartment: Sheltie, Pomeranian Spitz

Answer No. 7:

At 9 years old? Sheepdog? Dobermann? Get a plush dog, she's also very nice and kind.

Answer No. 8:

For an individual house you can, for example, a Labrador. This is a very clever, kind and moving breed of dogs.
If you want not very big then sheltie. Sheltie and Labra have almost the same character only in appearance they differ.
If you want a dog that can hold out in the cold frost for a very long time, then take the Huskies!
If you like small dogs then the Yorkshire terrier. Smart and moving dogs.

Answer No. 9:

Collie, Newfoundland (diver) is the most intelligent and kindest dog. If you need a small décor, then york will do.

Answer No. 10:

A greyhound. Two

Answer No. 11:

I think that if it's small, it's like a cat, if it's a sheep dog, it's too big, I personally have the average Chau breed, such a cool

Answer No. 12:

Yorkshire terrier, they are so cheerful, funny)

Answer # 13:

Then you ask WHOM to start .. then what kind of ... you yourself know who you basically want and can contain? ?

Answer # 14:

And who likes it?

Answer No. 15:

German boxer is a great friend and protector

Answer # 16:

Small size, if in the apartment.

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