/ / The dog was bitten by a tick, became listless, the appetite disappeared, what can be done at home?

The dog was bitten by a tick, became listless, the appetite disappeared, what can be done at home?

Answer # 1:

At home, the dog can only be killed. In this situation, urgent veterinary care is needed. The faster the better.

Answer # 2:

Take it better to the vet

Answer # 3:

Better to the vet if you do not want trouble.

Answer # 4:

Hmm. . If it's just a plague - it's treated simply: take a 2.5 liter bottle of vodka, and at least give it a little bit to drink it, preferably all the way through.
But if tick-borne encephalitis, it is treated only by vaccination. . And then in some cases you can not save.

Answer # 5:

Nothing, carry to the vet, he could catch the infection from this tick

Answer No. 6:

Run to the doctor! The dog will be killed. The veterinarian is being given droppers, injections, and then they do not give a guarantee that they will definitely help. Has the urine darkened? In general, what is listless, that the appetite disappeared very badly. It's not that the days count, but I would have rushed at the same moment.

Answer No. 7:

At home - nothing. The dog must be taken to the vet, otherwise the dog will die. And then there is such a chip - the earlier, the more chances for recovery.

Answer No. 8:

Yes you are. Urgently to the vet, if there was lethargy and lost appetite, then the tick was sick ... And if you do not take immediate action, you can lose the dog. With this, jokes are bad ...

Answer No. 9:

Try to answer first to the following questions:
1) What can happen to me if I have been bitten by a tick?
2) what dangerous for my life is the disease borne by the tick?
3) how can I help at home?
4) whether I will be helped by home self-treatment or nevertheless to address to the doctor?
Answered? And now, too, do it for your pet !!!!

Answer No. 10:

Dogs can die from this disease within a week !!!!

Answer No. 11:

At home - nothing will be done. (Judging by what you described, the dog snatched pyroplasmosis.) The liver sits down, the mucous membranes become yellow, the dog stops eating, the kidneys refuse, urine, intoxication, and death stop. (((
A lot of dogs die from this rubbish because the owners later take them to a vet clinic. (((

Answer No. 12:

Spring has come. The snow is already melting, not far from the green grass. The owners of animals and veterinarians with a strain waiting for the beginning of pyroplasmosis. For those who have not encountered this disease (and God forbid they encounter) and write this little material. Even if your dog has never been sick and does not get sick, it's necessary to know about this disease to every dog ​​owner, since every spring and autumn the disease is of a massive nature. So, what is it and what does it eat:

Pyroplasmosis (babesiosis) is a natural focalA blood-parasitic disease caused by the simplest microorganisms - pyroplasms. Pathogens pyroplasmosis dogs - Babesia canis - unicellular, pigmentless parasites of blood. The carriers of the disease are mites, the infection occurs at the time of the bite. Babesia parasitizes in erythrocytes, destroying them, and secrete toxins. The disease is most often acute (from the moment of infection to the death of the animal, in the absence of treatment, it can take from 12 hours to several days), the severity of the disease and the prognosis of treatment depend on the number of parasites that get into the blood (ie, the more tick-carriers Bite the dog, the worse), the age of the animal, the presence of concomitant acute or chronic diseases, the timeliness and correctness of the treatment undertaken.

What you need to know the owner of the animal about this disease:

First, the way of infection. Parasites are carried by ticks, infection occurs when the dog bites the mite. From each other, dogs do not become infected, for a human, a dog suffering from pyroplasmosis is also not dangerous. What this means: if you find a dog with a pincer tick on the skin, do not raise a mad panic and try to shoot it feverishly, using everything that is at hand. If the mite sucked and if it is a carrier, then the infection has already occurred, and from how quickly you remove the tick, nothing depends.

It should also be remembered that not all mites areCarriers. From a dog it is possible to remove 20 ticks, and if the region is free from pyroplasmosis, then nothing will happen. But you can take just one, and if he was a carrier, the dog will get sick. The most unfavorable areas of the Moscow region for pyroplasmosis - the southern (Kaluga Highway, Minsk, Kiev, Vidnoye District, etc.). A lot of tick vectors in the vicinity of the city of Troitsk. This is according to observations for several years. Relatively calmly on the Dmitrov highway. In Moscow, there are many diseases in the area of ​​Leninsky Prospekt, Profsoyuznaya, Yasenevo, as well as all green areas and parks. But these are only those areas that were remembered, from where they often came. Completely safe, no region can be counted, and mites were removed even from dogs that did not leave the Garden Ring.
Non-sucked (just creeping over the wool)The mite is small in size and looks like a small spider or even a crab (if you look closely). If, during a walk in the park, you notice such animals on six dogs, immediately shake it, check for objects already sucked and do not go to that place any more, you will be wholehearted.

What to do if you removed a tick from the dog - immediatelyTo bring a dog to the analyzes in the clinic there is no sense, on the first day of babesies in pereferic blood (and the analysis from the ear is taken, as from a finger in a person), there will most likely not be, and a negative analysis will be only a false comfort. It is also completely pointless to carry on the analysis of the tick (and often brought, by the way). The tick can not determine whether it is a carrier or not. If you remove the tick - observe the condition of the dog, do not be lazy to measure the temperature at least 4-5 times a day.
The first symptoms are - 1) fever. The norm in dogs is up to 39.0 c (for those who can not be ignorant, the temperature is measured rectally, in the anus). 2) Lethargy, depression 3) Severe breathing without cause (heavy breathing occurs due to hypoxia, because erythrocytes are destroyed and there is nothing to carry oxygen to organs and tissues, including to the brain 4) The most famous symptom is dark urine (as the saying goes

Answer # 13:

The bill goes for hours, urgently to the veterinarian, do not spare money, will assign nyxes.

Answer # 14:

To the veterinarian urgently!
You will probably drip it.
Otherwise there will be trouble.

Answer No. 15:

Better still not engage in self-medication. The tick is very dangerous!

Answer # 16:

Insects in winter ???? rave!! !! And do not say that the end of March, there is no spring for mites and for ticks too early!

Answer # 17:

At home, you can only wait until the dog dies, the faster you start the treatment the more likely that the dog will survive. The account goes to the clock.

Pyroplasmosis disease is very serious and possible relapses, I know not by hearsay.
My dog, despite the fact that they started treatment at the first signs of the disease, had 2 relapses, barely got out of the world. The treatment and recovery took more than a month.

Answer # 18:

The very first sign of pyroplasmosis isAfter a tick bite - blanching mucous. Look at the dog near the tongue - lips. If they are white - a sure sign that this pyroplasmosis, and not some other disease. Another urine darkens, it becomes brown. Temperature is also a sign.
I write so in detail, because our dog was ill,Barely saved. In the hospital I even had a couple of days under droppers. God forbid, this is to survive .... Now only the processing from April to October, drops on the withers and still splash, if in the field or the wood we are walking.
If you still have not melted snow, there may not be a tick. Carry to the doctors.
BUT for the future - worry about the upcomingInvasion of ticks. Believe me, it is better to buy for 300 rubles or slightly more expensive drops once a month than to treat ... We treated more than 10 thousand rubles and complications for different organs for the future are also provided.

Answer No. 19:

At home, just a shovel to cook, well, a place to mull where you will dig in
Without the introduction of a special preparation. The dog will quickly go to the forefathers

Answer # 20:

What to do when the tick was bitten: https://vk.com/wall-114365605?own=1&w=wall-114365605_1794

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