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What breeds of dogs are born without a tail? Interested in small dogs

Answer # 1:

Welsh corgi. In the early 90s, only a few nurseries in England had congenital bobtail pembrokes. They were Sarah Taylor (Bymil), Peggy Gamble (Blands) and Patsy Hewan (Stormerbanks). In addition, congenital tailless pembrokes were found in the nurseries Jofren, Kaytop and some representatives of bobtail dogs from private breeders.
The need for pembroke with congenitally shortTails came about when cosmetic operations on animals began to be banned in European countries. The number of such countries is growing, and these bans are now also in the homeland of the breed in England. The short tail was for a long time a visiting card of the pembroke, and the prohibition of its cupping caused many breeders to pay attention to congenital bobtail dogs. For example, one of the leading nurseries of England, Belroyd acquired in Norway in the nursery Siggen congenitally bitchy dog ​​Siggen's Doffen for breeding purposes.
As an example of successful breeding pembrokeWith congenital short tails on the scale of the whole country, you can set an example of a country like Norway. There, stopping is forbidden since 1993, and most of the breeders of this country have agreed on the breeding of congenital bobtail pembrokes. After 17 years after such a decision, the statistics of this country is striking, 66% of the welsh corgi pembroke population there is born congenitally tailless. At the same time, Norwegian dogs successfully compete with dogs from other countries.

Moody (Hungarian shepherd),
Entlebucher Mountain Dog,
Belgian Mastiff (Matin Belge, Chien de Trait, Belgian Mastiff)
The main feature of the breed is the Belgian mastiff - a congenital bugtail,
In CAO (Alabai) there is a congenital bugtail.
Australian Shepherd
Australian Short-tailed Shepherd Dog
Epanyol Breton
Big and small marriage of france
The Bourbon of Bourbon.
Old English Bulldog (Old English Bulldog, another name Levitt's Bulldog)
Well, that immediately remembered.)))
Small of the presented themselves will be selected?)))

Answer # 2:

Without a tail? All with tails are born) Simply later, the tail is stopped

Answer # 3:

French bulldogs and welsh corgi pembroke. While only these have recollected.

Answer # 4:

All are born with tails

Answer # 5:

Tails we chop off the very ass!

Answer No. 6:

Even Bobtails like. They are really big)

Answer No. 7:

Petersburg orchid

Answer No. 8:

French bulldogs, English bulldogs, and a Boston terrier without a tail are born. Until I can still remember the rocks.

Answer No. 9:

Russian tomo-humanoid, kakulisty terrier, hairy-sucking mastiff!

Answer No. 10:

In nature, there are no dogs without a tail. They need it, moreover - it is vital. If people in recent years have revealed the genetic inviolability of the animals, they artificially create freaks. That's why Atlantis was lowered to the ocean floor. You can not!

Answer No. 11:

French and English Bulldogs.

Answer No. 12:

And to mine such dogs there are no tails they cut off when they are born in a day two

Answer # 13:

We had 5 puppies in the litter and 1 did not have a tail like a dad.

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