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What kind of dog do you have in your house?

Answer # 1:

Beagle, Jack Russell or Basenji!
By the way the Basenji is the only dog ​​in the world that does not bark!

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Choosing a dog by advice from strangers isThe same thing that the choice of medicine on the advice of grandmothers on the bench. If you take this seriously - read the literature, the characteristics of the rocks, study their characteristics, etc., and then choose the one that suits you. You must have full compatibility with the dog. Otherwise, it is not at all worth starting a dog, since it is a huge work and responsibility. Good luck))

Answer # 4:

It seems to me husky

Answer # 5:

Any, depending on what you want from the breed

Answer No. 6:

That's it - I agree with Inessa! We do not know your tastes and priorities, how to advise? In the world of fifty thousand breeds! You that - watch the house, go hunting, go for a bicycle, sit in your Ferrari for the Pontus .. ?? What do you want, choose, as they say! There is no certainty - the best option: go to the nearest exhibition. That's how "shoot" in the heart -OOO! - boldly go and talk. As a rule, all fan owners of their breed, you will be painted in detail ....

Answer No. 7:

Answer No. 8:

But what do you want from a dog?

Answer No. 9:

Which is more like

Answer No. 10:

Boxer-a wonderful friend and guard

Answer No. 11:

Basenji (do not bark of course but howl)
Toy Terrier
Shepherd (SAO, German)
Yes you right now, all the breeds will list. Everyone has different tastes.
Here's what you need (small, medium, large dog?
Why for an apartment, travel?
Where he lives in an apartment, a house?
That's personally who I would have started.
Little dogs york (I have,) that terrier.
Medium dog (beagle, basenji)
A large dog (a lobster, a dog, a newfoot, a husky)

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