/ Which dog is better. Husky or Toy Terrier?

Which dog is better. Husky or Toy Terrier?

Answer # 1:

In what sense is it better? )) Is better than the one you saw and said is my dog

Answer # 2:

Definitely Husky !!

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

How can they be compared? A large dog, a sled that requires loads and a sofa set, which most often does not even stroll and accustoms to the pot? What is better?

Answer # 5:

Yeah. Hippopotamus or mumps ??? They are different breeds for different purposes.

Answer No. 6:

Huskies have to work, without it, it wilts. And the one - quite harmful and bitchy, but you can play with him in the doll. Strange comparison.

Answer No. 7:

If for sports and active life in general - that Husky. If to sit on the couch that - that terrier. Although both breeds need attention and education, whether it's a small or large dog.

Answer No. 8:

In general it is 2 absolutely different dogs, and then everything depends not on who is better, but on how much time and effort you can devote to the pet

Answer No. 9:

Well, you compare ...

Answer No. 10:

You see, I agree with the first answer. You will see this dogging and then you will understand - I do not need another. It's like having a boyfriend - I want it. Then buy and train. And in general - Husky interesting, but large, the Toy Terrier is small, but charming and cute. Choose. My choice falls on Husky.

Answer No. 11:

Husky of course!

Answer No. 12:

Two completely different dogs .... the little one is a terrier-pocket dog and insanely beautiful Husky, a loving cold, a sled dog first appeared in the Chukchi. , With insanely beautiful eyes!
Husky, husky of course it is!

Answer # 13:

Husky, and what kind of breed? You kind of asked about the dogs, but apparently by mistake the rat was shoved here

Answer # 14:

Well, and compare you ... oo.
In what sense?

Answer No. 15:

Both are excellent)

Answer # 16:

It depends on what kind of dog you like best ... Husky is big and Toychik is small ... I.e. decorative .... I would choose Husky)

Answer # 17:

Called compared ass with a finger

Answer # 18:

Chinese Crested ))

Answer No. 19:

This is for someone like!

Answer # 20:

They are very different. Husky - a driving breed, the meaning of life in her - run through the snowy expanses and haul sleds. It is created for this purpose. A little toychik is a 100% companion, a dog for the soul, very affectionate and strongly attached to the owner.

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