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Preparation of the chow-chow for the exhibition

In addition to the general rules for preparing chow-chow forThe dog owner should pay special attention to accustoming the dog to a calm and beautiful stand, examining the teeth, and the dog to the examination of the ovaries.

Chow Chow

To the counter, the chow-chow dog should be taught from the very beginningEarly age, making sure that she stood up properly while eating. You can manually adjust, "sculpt" the correct position of the limbs, croup, back. Daily combing also helps to teach the dog to stand still for a long time. In the exhibition stand, the chow should give the impression of a calm, proud dog, full of dignity, confident and independent. Excessive liveliness, insecurity, dullness or aggressiveness drastically reduce the impression of the dog.

Teeth show

Chow-chow teeth are checked and it is necessary -Pigmentation of the mouth. From an early age, teach him to show his teeth. If he refuses to obey strangers, including the judge, conduct the procedure themselves, so that the judge can only look into the jaws of the dog, assess the bite, the completeness of the teeth and the pigmentation of the mouth and tongue. For this, the dog is soothing. Be sure to talk with her.

Chow-chow is preparing for the exhibition

You can "explain" to her the essence of the procedure. Persuasive, exhorting, calm tone is more important to her than the meaning of words. Then, with the thumb and middle finger, gently and gently stroke the dog on the bridge of the nose, imperceptibly sinking to the mouth. Raise the upper lip to the right and left of the nose, exposing the incisors and canines. The other hand is placed from below on the lower jaw, and it slightly pulls the lower lip so that the judge can see the lower incisors and fangs. The mouth must be closed, otherwise the judge will not be able to assess the bite. After that, the arm lying on the upper jaw is easily moved slightly backwards and lifts the upper lip to the left and right of the nose, revealing premolars and molars. To demonstrate the pigmentation, lightly press the lower jaw.

Wool chow-chow

To swim chow-chow before the exhibition is impossible. Well-groomed, combed dog with good clean hair looks great. The rules for demonstrating chow-chow prohibit cutting hair or somehow changing the natural outlines of wool. Violation of this rule leads to disqualification of the dog and removing it from the ring.

Any exhibition represents, with oneParties, the necessary element of the work of dog handlers - breeders, judges, experts, breed leaders, amateurs, who must see the dynamics of the breed development, assess the quality of livestock and make or adjust plans for the future, and on the other - this is akin to gambling. If the owner and the dog like competition, they like the atmosphere of the competition, then they will get great pleasure from the exhibitions, even if the dog does not win titles. But for a high-class chow that they are going to use in breeding work, exhibitions are to some extent a duty.

The result of the exhibition, even with absoluteObjectivity of judges, can not be accurately predicted. Each expert in his own way "sees" and a specific dog, and the breed as a whole. The standard can not become something unshakable for everyone, as different judges understand and interpret it in different ways. Therefore, it is desirable to show the dog at different exhibitions, comparing the opinions of different experts.

Starting an exhibition career of chow is desirable.Earlier and at smaller exhibitions, so that the dog "turned around", was used to the peculiar atmosphere of this event. According to the existing rules, dogs are divided into groups according to gender and age for examination. Male and female can be compared only in the nomination "Best of breed" (Best of breed).

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