/ The Dog. I want a dog. We have a small apartment, which dog is better than envy? ? To walk with it was possible.

Dog. I want a dog. We have a small apartment, which dog is better than envy? ? To walk with her it was possible.

Answer # 1:

nothing like this!!! No no disaster!
If you really want a dog, not a breed on it
Start St. Bernard!
Them in the apartment can not be seen not heard,
They are at least in a one-room at least in a two-roomed bedroom always! And do not interfere)
They have the main movement on walks, so with this breed you should walk longer, but at home you sleep on your own bed or just lie down, you just have to eat and drink)
Well, and naturally meet the guests)
Sooo quiet, meets other people's good) but if the guests, it will stand or lie in the place where they are, so that they do not forget about it, suddenly attack their beloved host)))

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Mini toy terrier

Answer # 4:

French Bulldog

Answer # 5:

You can not walk with a dog, but you need to.

Answer No. 6:

Any little doggie

Answer No. 7:

In addition to WALK, it is necessary to take care of her, clean up after her, feed him, and take him to the veterinarian for vaccinations.
And any dog ​​in a small apartment is a real disaster. And the dog is bad and people

Answer No. 8:

Well, it all depends not only on your housingConditions, but also from financial, and others. With a dog (any!) You need to walk, lead to a veterinarian, feed, etc., If you are ready to take this responsibility - BUY THE DOG! .
If you are new, you will be most suitable - Chinese Crested, Chihuahua, Poodle, Spitz. Choose, but most importantly, remember - YOU FOREVER FOR ANYONE FOR WHOM TOLD!

Answer No. 9:

Papillon! Go here and read the spam there. Http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continental_th_spanish

Answer No. 10:

Yorkshire Terrier! They are allergic), also Maltese lapdog, kavashon) here's a look: info. Dog-zone. Com / spaces to remove! GOOD LUCK))

Answer No. 11:

York, maltese, pikines, papillon, chihuahua

Answer No. 12:

Papyon is better than all the very clever little dog) and also a yorik of temper.

Pug is a big problem with zdborovem, dachshund hunter is just a snap

Answer # 13:

For a small apartment is suitable for almost allSmall breeds of dogs. Pekingese, Toy Terrier, Pug, Dachshund, Bologna, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua. Just do not contact too close with the big dogs, especially with the fighters, because the fighters are aggressive and not contrained, and mini-dogs almost all suffer from "Small Dog Syndrome". They bark even at large dogs, not realizing that the enemy is larger than them and can kill them.

Answer # 14:

Any miniature breeds

Answer No. 15:

If it's a very small apartment, then the backwaterPekingese, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Terrier, in general, almost pocket-sized dogs. Of course with some of them you have to watch more, a Yorkie or Spitz and Pekingese have long hair and you need to comb it, wash it and generally take care of it in full. If you do not have the opportunity then take the toy-terrier. But if you can afford such a dog as a Cocker Spaniel, Beagle or Jack Russell Terrier. I love these dogs, 3 of my favorite breeds do not take up much space. True spaniel wool is much longer than the beagle, but I think you can do it :)

Answer # 16:

Well, probably the average poodle will be fine, orSheltie. Pug is suitable, but I personally do not like them. York can be either a fee. Something small, but pretty. With them, and walk for a long time is not necessary, but also in solitary leave is also not good. Think! I'm sorry for the mistakes

Answer # 17:

I decided to buy a dog.
And I want to ask everyone:
As the name of the breed,
What do I dream of buying?
To cost three rubles,
And dined once in three days!
But any
Champion title - MY!
So that the street was terrible,
To protect the car,
But at the same time (it is very important!)
The square did not occupy me!
To be very fluffy,
But so that I do not scratch my hair!
That could in front of the threshold
Itself to wipe all the paws!
That there was a switch in it:
Click! - Playing. He clicked and slept,
To never know me,
What and where the psn hurts ...
To pISal once a week,
And I knew how to fly,
Together walking along the yard
In puddles so as not to attack!
So as not to bark loudly in your ears,
To sneakers did not gnaw ...
HERE would be such a dog
With pleasure I took!

Answer # 18:

Yorkshire poodle

Answer No. 19:

A French Bulldog .. Or a pug. Such puppsies)

Answer # 20:

Chihuah take

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