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Beagle: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price of the puppies


Beagle - this is the oldest breed, deduced by connoisseursHunting - the British even in the time of the birth of the aristocracy. In the era of the early Middle Ages, even the rich people did not have much entertainment, and one of the most popular and bright was the hunt for wild animals.

The famous comic book hero Snoopy, the favorite of children and adults, is none other than one of the beagles. Beagle played a major role in the comedy "Cats against dogs."

Beagle: characteristics

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The use of dogs for hunting came up, of course,Not the English. This idea originated in ancient civilizations, as evidenced by archaeological finds and written sources. On the walls of buildings and objects of life depicted hunting scenes, which were attended by ancient dogs, which were the ancestors of modern pugilists, hounds and dachshunds. Most likely, from ancient Rome and ancient Greece, these dogs were brought to the British Isles by the Celts. Then there was a merger of this type of dog with the local, as a result of which the ancestors of the beagle appeared.

With the development of English statehood andCulture, and the purposeful breeding of dogs for noble aristocratic hunting, in which the noble ladies took an active part, also began. This became one of the reasons for the selection of small hunting dogs, the size of which did not exceed 20 centimeters. They easily fit even in the rider's hand and were used mainly to hunt rabbits.

Along with miniature dogs activeUsed and hounds of medium size. There were no large hunting dogs in England at first, and they appeared only after William the Conqueror brought from the continental Europe a large hound of talbothaound. We got pictures of this dog, which was mostly white.

All these varieties of hounds and became ancestorsModern beagles, which also differ in several species depending on the growth, like their distant relatives. The first mention of Beagles dates back to 1475. Further constantly there are statements about these favorites aristocrats. Especially small bingles were convenient for walking, they were easily carried in a bag even by children and women who were regular participants in this fun.

At the court of Queen Elizabeth 1 was the famousA pack of singing beagles, so named for the melody of their barking. Such an original way to hunt the beast during the rut did not cut aristocratic rumor and further emphasized the belonging of this breed to a high society.

For its miniature size, the breed of English hounds and got its name - Beagle, which in the language of the ancient English sounded "Begle" and translated as "small."

It is fair to say that the breedsSmall hounds were also in other European states. Especially the French try to recognize the beagle as their compatriot, the French who, one of the proofs, consider the presence in their language of the word "Begueule", which means "a tin well". Of course, it's hard to imagine a small singing beagle as a monster with a tin, and in any case the glory of an Englishman is entrenched in a beagle due to further breeding work in this country.

In 16-17 centuries the breed continued to develop,Gradually becoming not only the favorites of the nobility. Big bean growers began to be planted by large farmers and even smaller landowners. Ultimately, this saved the breed. The fact is that the aristocracy of hunting gradually became not just a spectacle, but also a national sport. For these bright events special suits were sewed, competitions were organized, scenarios were developed. The beagles had serious competitors - long-legged foxhounds, so the beagle packs were not so numerous.

However, the owners of the beagles crossed them inMostly with representatives of the breed from the surrounding area. As a result, there is a clear division into pedigree types. The southern beagles are characterized by a heavy type of constitution and sluggishness, while the northern beagles were more lean and mobile.

In the book "The Benefit of British Sports,Appeared in 1861, in addition to the northern and southern types, there are also mentioned small dwarf beagles, long-haired terrier beagles and fox-beagles that hunted foxes. From this description it can be seen that Beagle began to lose its pedigree characteristics as a result of its small number, crossing with other hunting breeds, and extinction of interest in the breed of small hounds.

But lovers of the breed and connoisseurs of ancient hunting forRabbits and rabbits, called "Beagling", took the initiative in their own hands. In addition to just the love of this breed was the practical side, because small hounds were not much fir like their larger competitors, and accordingly, the packs of them were more profitable.

It does not matter what guided the British, but the breedThey managed to keep and make it popular all over the world. From the middle of the 19th century bigam became a participant of hunting reviews. In 1890 the Beagle Club was formed, and in 5 years the first standard of the breed appeared. At the same time, two trends developed: to make the beagle officially recognized as a breed and to give her access to exhibitions, as well as to continue the hunting traditions with beagle packs.

The beginning of the 20th century was a difficult period for the breed,When, despite the efforts of beagle lovers, their livestock was declining. The second wave of popularity came to these ancient hounds only in the middle of the 20th century, the standard breed was received in 1957, and from that moment began its triumphal procession around the world.

In Great Britain, beagles are still not usedOnly as pets, but also for hunting. In other countries, they have more established themselves as companion dogs, but sometimes they are trusted and responsible: they search for explosives at airports and at customs.

Beagle has been on the list of the most prestigious breeds for more than 100 years.

Standard: the main characteristics of the beagle

Breed of beagle dogs, photo

After the adoption of the first standard, it was edited, and now Bigley at the exhibitions are evaluated according to the standard adopted in 1987 by the FCI Federation.

Beagles are dogs of strong, but not gross build. Height - from 33 to 40 cm.

To the extent the long head looks powerful, but withoutSigns of rudeness. There are no wrinkles and wrinkles on it. On the domed cranium of medium width, the occiput is visible. Muzzle should not be pointed. The nose is preferable to black, but in light-colored dogs light pigmentation is allowed.

Scissor bite, lips slightly drooping.

Eyes are dark-brown or nutty, large, but not convex, with a soft expression of good-natured charm.

The length of the ears reaches the tip of the nose, if straightened. Ears have a rounded shape, thin, graceful, low set, hanging down.

The neck is quite long to make it easy to follow the trail. There is a small suspension.

The body is compact with a straight back and a flexible loin. The line of the stomach is not tightened much.

The forelimbs are straight, without narrowing to the bottom, with short pasterns.

Hind legs have muscular thighs, strong hocks.

In motion, the front paws are thrown forward, and the rear paws serve as a strong leg support, ensuring a smooth, even movement.

The tail of medium length is often in motion, but not wrapped behind the back and does not bend.

The coat consists of a short thick wool of equal length on all parts of the body.

Of particular note is the color of the beagles,Which corresponds to any color of hounds. Must have a white tip of the tail. The standard is a combination of three colors: white, red and black, from which different combinations are composed. The most common is the tricolor, in which all colors represent different sizes of plots. In this regard, you can hear clarifying additions to tricolor: shiny (a lot of white), cap (more black on the back). Sometimes characterize the color of the beagles and without specifying the details, just like dogs of the hound color.

Bicolor is a combination of white and different shadesRed. There are lemon-white, red-white, chestnut-white and red-white combinations. Bicolor in Britain is valued more than other varieties of color. Black-and-white color is also possible, but it is very rare.

Also rare and pure white bigles. For this breed a one-color variant is possible only in this version. Another rarity - a colorful beagles, in the color of which on a white background, the other two colors are not entirely solid, but interspersed. There is also a refinement of colors, according to the prevailing color: lemon-variegated, hare-variegated, badger-motley.

Spotted color resembles a bicolor and a tricolor, but on the white background there are also spots of black or red color.

Interestingly, the ancestors of the beagles were andBlue-red-white hounds, in the color of which, instead of a purely black color, it had a blue hue. Now there are almost no such dogs, but sometimes they do appear, although experts do not tend to regard this color as a hound, as well as a gray version of black color.

Thus, the colors of the beagles are much larger than the familiar tricolor, which makes this dog even more interesting.

The 3-year-old beagle named Uno became the winner of the main American dog show Westminster Kennel Club in 2008, surpassing the main competitors - the poodle and the terrier.

Character of the beagle

Beagle, small breeds of dogs, the temperament of the beagle

Already in the name of the breed there is a vividnessCharacter and cheerful disposition. Beagles are good-natured dogs, active and cheerful. These are real massoviki-entertainers for children's games, they adore the company of children, and are able to play with them for hours, allowing them almost everything.

Beagles are very affectionate to their master, they haveThere is no inclination to dominate, that's why even a child is their authority, and often they choose it for the main thing in the family. Therefore, so often this once-hunting dog is bought as a friend for children.

Despite the small growth of strong dogs,Not differing in decorative fragility, that's why they like active games and fit sports fans. Previously, beagles were always kept in packs, so they retained a sense of community with their congeners. They feel great in the companies of other dogs, are friendly, play and frolic without fatigue.

The beagle clearly shows such character traits,As boldness, determination and friendliness. They are aggressive only to small animals, which are perceived as prey, and therefore it is not recommended to keep ferrets, chinchillas, decorative rabbits and cats in the house. In principle, with a cat, if desired and perseverance, they can be reconciled, but still a cat in such a tandem will have a hard time: to live, constantly feeling the object of hunting, you see, this is not very fun. Therefore, after all, often you have to make a choice: beagle or cat.

Representatives of this breed differ mind andIngenuity. They are very inquisitive and love when the owner is engaged in them, but strangely enough, it is not so easy to train them. The fact is that Bigles differ "charming impudence" and try to act on her master, not wanting to obey the standard rules. For example, they are not just accustomed to the place, they like to rush around the house, and sleep, where they are dreamed. Some owners note that their curiosity is bordered by irrepressible curiosity, when bigley put their black nose in everything: where it is necessary and where it is not necessary. This feature gives some trouble if you leave the dog alone in the house.

Care and maintenance

Do not forget that the beagle is,First of all, the hound, which needs physical activity in the form of long runs. They are able to run several dozen kilometers a day without tire. A lot of beagle running around is a guarantee that your apartment will not be destroyed, because when he returns home, he will sleep.

So think about whether you canTo provide the beagle with such loads. Running and outdoor games are important not only for the order in your house, but also for the health of the dog. Some owners find a way out: they keep the beagle in their absence in the cage, so that they do not poorly smoke. Without commenting on this choice, one should only note that without physical exertion, spending a lot of time in immobility, beagle quickly becomes fat, which is very harmful for him. His spine is not designed for heavy weight, so he bends, heart problems start, in a word, it's not a moving beagle, but a dog that needs a veterinarian's help.

The tendency to obesity is one of the problematicMoments in the content of beagles. They are very fond of eating and do it at every opportunity, not disdaining and stealing from the table. It's hard to see a full beagle. He always seems a little hungry, which forces compassionate owners to increase his diet.

If you see that your dog is getting fat, withThis is enough walking, which means that after all you overfeed it. Especially often it happens when feeding porridges, the content of which should not be more than 30% of the total menu. The rest is meat and offal in a boiled form, vegetables. Periodically, you need to give boiled fish without bones. In the diet should be dairy products: cottage cheese, milk, fermented milk, but if the dog is not accustomed to them since childhood, then they can lead to digestive disorders.

Another variant of feeding is dry food, an obviousWhose dignity is the ability to accurately calculate the necessary rate depending on the weight and not overfeed the beagle. Plus to this - there is no problem with making a balanced menu and the cooking process.

If we talk about cosmetic procedures, then inThey are mostly standard, as for other breeds: bathing, combing the dead wool with a hard brush. Too often, the dog can not be bathed, since washing off the fatty natural lubricant makes the skin defenseless in front of various bacteria and microbes. It is enough to bathe 2-3 times a year, but of course, if the beagle in something strongly smeared, then you have to arrange an unscheduled bathing. Participation in exhibitions also involves additional water procedures.

Two or three times a month you need to clean the beagle ears fromContamination by special means. In the increased attention need the eyes, which are the problem zone of this breed. If there are discharge from the eyes, you need to immediately take care of the treatment, and for prevention it is necessary to wipe the eyes once a day with special antimicrobials, which the vet will advise.

Hunting with the Beagle

In our country, rare owners use beagleFor hunting, but these dogs have not forgotten about their hunting past. They can set off on the trail, forgetting about the owner and chasing their prey for a very long time, as a result of being in an unfamiliar area. This is another problem faced by the owners of beagles, who, succumbing to instinct, may get lost.

Even if you are not a hunter, but you live a beagle, thenTo know about his hunting abilities is necessary in order to better understand his dog. Beagle is a small hound for hunting small animals, mainly rabbits and hares. Their task is to find the track of the beast and follow it, giving a voice until the beast is killed by a hunter or caught by a hound.

In this process Bigley is showing a certainPerseverance, pursuing the beast to the victorious end. Hound of beagle dogs begins at the age of 9 months in places where there are many hares, the most appropriate time for the beginning of the striking is September. The dog has the inherent ability to start searching for the beast and track it down in the footsteps, so do not be surprised if you come to your nature with your beagle and you will see how it has changed and, obeying instinct, does not lift its head from the ground, sniffing and unraveling tracks .

US President Lyndon Johnson had a beagle with nicknames He and She.

How to choose a beagle puppy


Choosing a puppy as a companion dog is easier,Than if you choose a beagle for hunting or for an exhibition career. In this case, you can just come by the ad and choose the puppy you like, to which the heart will point.

If your goal is an exhibition career and furtherBreeding, here we already need to seriously study all the available information about the various nurseries. Fans of the breed are ready to track genetically promising matings abroad, by booking and buying puppies in foreign nurseries. On the territory of our country there are also professional breeders, who can always buy beads. This breed is not very common, but it is not rare, so it will not be worth it to buy a puppy.

General tips for choosing a puppy are reduced to analysisReputation of the breeder, to get acquainted with the origin of the parents and to inspect the puppy himself for deviations from the standard. It should be remembered that the color of the newborn beagles changes to 12 weeks, for example, blackness can go away from the ears and head, specks on the black background disappear.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Average cost of puppy beagle - 20 thousand rubles. With hands on the ad, you can find representatives of the breed without a pedigree For 7-10 thousand rubles. Puppies show class are More than 30 thousand rubles. In the middle category with rates From 10 to 30 thousand rubles You can buy beagle puppies with a pedigree. The spread of prices depends on the availability of champions in the genealogy, the ambitions and fame of the breeders and other subjective factors.

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