/ / tick bite. The dog was bitten by a tick. How to provide first aid? We took an hour ago, until we know what the tick is. The dog is average.

tick bite. The dog was bitten by a tick. How to provide first aid? We took an hour ago, until we know what the tick is. The dog is average.

Answer # 1:

First aid is to remove the tick correctly.

It is not recommended to use oils and otherWell-known folk remedies ... The tick from them simply dies, not having time to self-suck. Turns around the axis only work in the initial stages of suction. If the mite carries a virus, then all unnecessary manipulation of the tick is an extra reason to receive a gift. How are ticks removed in hospitals? Correctly. Using the correct forceps, grasp the buccal cord (proboscis). It is possible and so: we take 30-40 cm of strong fine thread (fishing line). In the middle we wrap an ordinary bundle. Gently pull the mite. We start a nodule under the proboscis. Gently pulling. We follow, so that the torn plume does not fly away with the sound of "piu" to nowhere. The operation is carried out on the bathroom. Place the bite abundantly treated with iodine. The method is simple and fast. In the case of a torn off spasm, we pick it out with a needle from the syringe.

The second help is to determine which tick has bitten your dog.

In pet stores, there are rapid tests for pyroplasmosis. . But I doubt that you got these tests beforehand. Therefore, the blood will have to be taken in a vet clinic.
If your dog has been bitten by ixodidic vomiting, the incubation period for pyroplasmosis of dogs is from 2 to 4 days to 3 weeks.

More details about ticks are written below in the article!

Answer # 2:

Can first give an antibiotic pill

Answer # 3:

If the mite is common, the grease is greased, it will pass by itself. If you see that the dog is pissing with blood - run to the wind, the dog can die!

Answer # 4:

Well, immediately antibiotic)) I wonder what? !! While looking in the internet for symptoms of diseases of dogs transmitted by ticks and at the first suspicion running to the wind !! !!
(By the way ... if the dog is pissing off the blood .. mmm ... I'm afraid to run away late (((

Answer # 5:

What do you mean do not know what the tick is? Are you waiting for encephalitis? Be afraid of pyroplasmosis-running to the wind for a blood test!

Answer No. 6:

You do not have to do anything, just watchDog for 14 days. The slightest signs of malaise: lethargy, refusal of feed, weakness of hind legs, temperature and immediately it is necessary to run to the doctor. Time plays a very important role here, and then the dog can burn after 24 hours, after the first signs of pyroplasmosis are manifested.

Answer No. 7:

You know, I pulled out a tick from under my ear with the forceps, which already sucked blood. Lubricated the ear (wound) with iodine, and this all cost. Well, I advise you to urgently. The doctor.

Answer No. 8:

Http://otvet.mail.ru/question/75292304/ such advice was given to me yesterday. I will wait. And the antibiotics of the veins said very sore the liver.

Answer No. 9:

It is advisable to pierce with Forticarb or Imidosan at a normal mass level, with an initial prick of suprastin. I advise you to have a blood test for a clinic and pyroplasmosis.

Answer No. 10:

Place the bite with ointment with an antibiotic (tetracycline or left-handed). And then watch the dog - if something suspicious is noticed - to the vet.

Answer No. 11:

The analysis of the tick is similar to the genetic one, so eitherTomorrow lead to the wind and do a blood test and with the urge to do an injection that practically saves the dog or follow the urine and then save the dog by 50% I four years ago treated a week for three droppers a day for 2 hours and almost 6 thousand rubles now my The mongrel is alive but there is no immunity to bite.

Answer No. 12:

It was necessary that the veterinarian removed and sent the tickIn the laboratory. He would have properly removed. If the tick is not contagious, it's okay. I just treat the wound with iodine. He probably just sucked? But you did not bite? The main thing is how did you shoot it ... Did not crush it? Did not crush it? If you pin down, he injects this infection into the wound .... Then everything gets complicated .... If you do not make an antidote urgently, it will all end badly if the tick is infected ....

Answer # 13:

Give the tick to finish his robot

Answer # 14:

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Answer No. 15:

That's what they take off their ticks

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