/ / What breeds of dogs do you know that would get along well with children ??

What breeds of dogs do you know that would get along well with children ??

Answer # 1:

. I did not dream of a dog,
In my existence
Care in a variety and all kinds
I was enough without it.

But something in life has changed,
Fate intervened or rocked:
The dog nevertheless appeared -
Funny and affectionate puppy.

She was raised as a child,
I even dreamed of it.
Her sly little eyes
They looked right into my soul.

Everything was - joy and frustration,
And loneliness together ...
I found consolation
In her simple presence.

My son was born with her,
He played with her, sat down to eat,
And he learned to walk with her,
Holding hands for wool.

He did not wake up from barking.
And put his hand quietly in his mouth.
When I tried to speak,
The name of the dog.

They skated and rolled around
And they crawled like two puppies.
And we looked and laughed,
And it was enviable slightly.

As in our childhood was not enough
And soft paws, and warm eyes,
And the creatures, so that they understand,
And that so loved us. .

Answer # 2:

Sheepdogs, Labradors!

Answer # 3:

Such breeds are complete.

Answer # 4:

I have a French bulldog ... Very fond of children ...

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

There are very many of them. But I really like West-haland-white terrier.

Answer No. 7:

Any, depends on education

Answer No. 8:

Boxers, boston terriers

Answer No. 9:

ANY that the host will bring up

Answer No. 10:

Most dogs get along well with children. You just need to adjust the behavior of the child in relation to the dog, because children are unknowingly sometimes cruelly ... I saw how the little boy's friends tried to pull the hussies out from under the couch by the tail ... (((The dog whimpered, but did not show any aggression even in such a situation ...

Answer No. 11:

For the child (IMHO!) The best option is the Jack Russell Terrier, Sheltie, or - Russian Spaniel

Answer No. 12:

Labradors, Shepherds

Answer # 13:

Depends on the child and on the education of the dog.
If you are not ready to approach the upbringing of both individuals with the due seriousness, the case is covered.
I, for example, grew up with a Caucasian sheepdog. And for the tail she jerked and smashed in the face, but also slept together on her bedding often :)) I was not given any grudges to anyone, although she had a father (a Caucasian had one master) when he raised his voice to me Growl or even rush :)

Answer # 14:

My Husky all the children's pugs in the courtyard lick))) will kiss)))

Answer No. 15:

Depends on the dog. But in general. This is all sheep-dogs. Newfounded. Great Danes. But I do not advise the terriers especially small ones, they are not for children, but for hunting, they will cling to little children and hang on their sleeves

Answer # 16:

You know, the best way to get along is "Cocker Spaniel" is the most kind dog, plays with kids.

Answer # 17:

Rottweilers are very good with children)) but in general everything depends on education

Answer # 18:

Any properly trained and properly socialized dog will be an excellent friend to the child.

Answer No. 19:

We have a pug, I think kinder dogs do not exist

Answer # 20:

Golden retriever

Play with children loves, best friend and companion!

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