/ How much is the "hachiko" puppy?

How much is a puppy "hachiko" ???

Answer # 1:

Akita loves to participate in the life of the family. And this is more than just curiosity. Whatever the person does, the dog is nearby and is keenly interested in things in his hands, everywhere he accompanies - unless, of course, it is forbidden. Touches and her attitude to children - careful, attentive. Sometimes it seems that when playing with human cubs, the dog teaches them something, educates them. Akita-inu is a wonderful breed)) http://zoobusiness.kiev.ua/210
1. Distrust of outsiders
2. Fearlessness
3. A reliable protector of your family
4. Capable of education
5. A faithful friend and companion
6. Very friends of family and children, in ancient times in Japan, women leaving on business, left their kids to dogs of this breed, not worrying about their safety.
7. Longevity among dogs of this size.
8. Little bark, mostly only if necessary.
9. Truly loyal to their master, they will sacrifice themselves for his sake.
10. Accommodation is possible both on the street and in the apartment.
11. Akita-inu is clean and tidy.
12. Do not be gluttonous.
13. The reaction to these dogs of strangers is often positive.
14. Each puppy is a distinct individuality.

1. Akita Inu have great strength and agility, which in the absence of training can have a negative side.
2. Puppies of this breed are not susceptible to training through force, only through love, friendship and mutual understanding.
3. Aggressive towards other dogs of large size, especially males.
4. There may be problems in molting, it takes place 2 times a year, but very much, with due care, the problem is solved.

Answer # 2:

Hachiko, this is a nickname, not a breed.

Answer # 3:

As much as Bu, Shunsuke and Napoleon

Answer # 4:

This is Akita Inu
Http: // puppy.dogs.ru/akita-inu.html

Answer # 5:

From 25 000r. For the dog

Answer No. 6:

A good dog is 100 000 rubles.

Answer No. 7:

thirty thousand

Answer No. 8:

This breed is called akita inu. About 60 thousand, of course, bent. Puppy costs about 30 thousand. This is the case if you need a "just a dog", without an eye for exhibitions and breeding. More ambitions - the price is more expensive, and the prices in 60-80 thousand - not a rarity, and on really high-quality dogs and above.
But if you want such a dog, like in the movie,Then you will be very mistaken when you lead an Akita. They are completely different in character. This is a large, serious dog. And at the same time very capricious. They are trained badly. Pugnacious against other dogs. Before making such a mistake, try to learn more about the breed. Here's a forum for rock fans. Read it - all the owners complain about the stubborn nature. In the city Akita - for life on a leash, otherwise it will either fight or run away.

Answer No. 9:

Akita inu breed .. a good puppy from the nursery is not less than 50 thousand.

Answer No. 10:

Akita inu, from 30000 a dog of doubtful origin, and approximately 50,000-60000 worth a normal puppy

Answer No. 11:

At least 70000 r

Answer No. 12:

I agree with John on all 100 !!!! Akita is a wonderful breed !!!!

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