/ Which dog to get? That was not aggressive, but large

What kind of dog do you have? That was not aggressive, but large

Answer # 1:

Whatever dog you take, it all depends onEducation, which the owner will give her. Any animal lends itself to training, but do not be lazy. I have a risen schnauzer, he is considered to be an aggressive breed, but he is properly brought up, so I do not have any problems with him. Another fact: a tribute to fashion, at this time is really in fashion Labrador

Answer # 2:

Labrador Husky

Answer # 3:

Labrador, Siberian Husky, St. Bernard, Collie,

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

Labrador, Collie, Laika, Chao Chao, St. Bernard.

Answer No. 6:

Husky, etc. Labradors of German. Shepherds, Collies, Golden Retvilers can be greyhound or other hunting

Answer No. 7:


Answer No. 8:

Chow chow

Answer No. 9:

Labrador, caucasian, alabai, rottweiler, doberman, shepherd .... absolutely any dog ​​can be made very kind, the main upbringing and physical exercise.

Answer No. 10:

Any big dog, but not aggressive, give it love and care, dogs feel it, and do not keep long on the chain, and as the saying goes, what kind of owner is this and the dog

Answer No. 11:

Newfoundland, retriever, Irish Wolfhound, St. Bernard

Answer No. 12:

Inflatable ... big ...

Answer # 13:

Here such-
The Irish setter, to people is non-aggressive at all.

Answer # 14:


Answer No. 15:

Doberman. Akita inu

Answer # 16:

Chow-chow, husky, collie

Answer # 17:


Answer # 18:

St. Bernard, Newfoundland, almost anyA hunting dog starting from a Labrador retriever and ending with a Russian dog greyhound is not aggressive towards humans. If you are not the most important thing, do not be aggressive. And for a QUALITATIVE long MOTION and hunting you have a sea of ​​time.

Answer No. 19:

St. Bernard

Answer # 20:


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