/ / The dog was bitten by a tick, today the whole patient

The dog was bitten by a tick, today the whole patient

Answer # 1:

Dogs do not have immunity to pyroplasmosis andLeptospirosis. It's just that not all mites suffer infection .... It is advisable to do tests for these two diseases, before stabbing the vaccine. But this is the case if the tests can be done quickly. If not, the doctor will determine the state of the dog. Temperature - 40-42, lethargy, lack of appetite, dark urine .... It is very important not to miss the time .... It is true that after the introduction of the vaccine, 2-5 droppers (according to the condition of the dog) are needed. After treatment, diet, peace. It is advisable to check the liver, kidneys .... A good vet will tell you. DO NOT SLOW,

Answer # 2:

To sleep to not suffer.

Answer # 3:

And to the vet is weak ?? After 2-5 days without assistance, the dog dies as if

Answer # 4:

Should be withdrawn. Oil or something else.

Answer # 5:

You need to burn the place of the bite green.

Answer No. 6:

Oh, the tick was the carrier of the infection, to the wind urgently, otherwise the dachshund will die

Answer No. 7:

Without treatment, the dog will die ...

Answer No. 8:

Pyroplasmosis. Without treatment, the mortality rate is 98%. In dogs.
It is necessary urgently to a vet, than earlier will start to treat,all the better. Preparations for this infection are very toxic, so if you are offered a simple injection with no droppers in the veterinarian, do not settle, then go to another branch then. It is necessary to support the kidneys and liver preparations. Good luck.

Answer No. 9:

In dogs, immunity to ticks should be! I also bitten the tick mite! When they pulled out the tick, the head remained in the skin and was taken to the veterinarian, they told us nothing terrible! And the dog is still alive !!!

Answer No. 10:

To the vet, from pyroplasmosis, the dog fades in a few days

Answer No. 11:

Urgent to the clinic! The most dangerous pyroplasmosis

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