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Is the dog a friend or companion? Which one will sell for home and family?

Answer # 1:

The kindest dogs who will not offend anybody this is the French bulldog ... but they are very difficult to train
Jack Russell is also an average dog hunter, very good at training
From big dogs, unless of course you live not in an apartment, especially since they need to spend a lot of time with a collie, husky ..

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Answer # 3:

For a dog, you can have any large breed,The main thing is not aggressive, if the kids are .. And for the apartment a little dog, because I think that a large dog should live in a val'er and be able to run around it, and not around the apartment, knocking everything on the run)

Answer # 4:

Labrador, Dalmatian, Pekingese, Pug, Poodle

Answer # 5:

Sergschnauzer is an excellent companion and friend for the apartment.

Answer No. 6:

As far as I know, Zwergschnauzer and the likeSmall little dogs are often hysterical, throw at all. I had a boxer - big and kind, and in a fairly small apartment, I was at home quietly, and in the street I would like to jump and run.

Answer No. 7:

Get a Golden Retriever a very kind dog and very beautiful
I have a labrador.
Choose from you a lot of time, I would advise the retriever, boxer, Labrador or a small breed)

Answer No. 8:

And a friend, a companion and the main member of the family. It is because of the children and brought the Golden, a wonderful breed, never regretted the choice.))

Answer No. 9:

Depending on what preferences are in the sizes and the rest. Labra generally are good companions. In my childhood I had a VEO, I can not think of anything better than that of my dog. But now I have a pit, and I also think - a great dog. Staff was displayed as a companion from the very beginning, so it is suitable in particular. Other advantages of them - no hair, very rarely bark, no smell, no aggression towards people, great for those who like hiking, bicycles, jogging and in general sports. I believe that there is no wool and the dog rarely barks, and even less shows aggression towards people - the ideal ingredients)) I remember how my mother suffered from wool throughout the apartment, she often barked and even this smell of a dog ...

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