/ / Which breed of dogs is not aggressive, and likes to play with children before school age?

Which breed of dogs is not aggressive, and likes to play with children before school age?

Answer # 1:

It does not depend on the breed of dogs, any can be aggressive, it all depends on temperament, upbringing, etc. ...

Answer # 2:

Golden retriever

Answer # 3:

Toy Terrier

Answer # 4:

Brought up

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

Children of preschool age are dangerous for dogs,Especially small breeds. The most patient to children's antics are Labradors Retrievers, Golden Retrievers. But, in principle, if the dog is adequate, and adults from the very beginning are attentive to the behavior of the child relative to the dog and do not allow aggression or pain (as often happens), then any dog ​​of any breed will be able to coexist normally and even be friends with children.

Answer No. 7:

French Bulldog. Ideal dogs for children and families, companion dogs, good, playful, not fastidious, long walks and physical activities are not necessary, hair care is minimal, and the most important thing for a child is the size of a dog (8-16 kg)

Answer No. 8:

You can choose any breed, if only the child to it (to the dog) was normally treated

Answer No. 9:

Pug, a wonderful reaction to children does not bite. The truth is very bored when the children are not at home, on advertising where the child says rushing thinks that they came)

Answer No. 10:

It does not depend on the breed depends on how you raise a dog! But in general Newfoundland is a good and kind nanny!

Answer No. 11:


Answer No. 12:

Collie or sheltie, golden retriever.

Answer # 13:

Such a bunch. Retrievers, collies, spaniels, shelties - a huge choice. But any one should be properly educated

Answer # 14:

A golden retriever is the perfect option for you, since, he is active, loves children and is completely unpretentious in eating ...

Answer No. 15:

Any breed is good enough. But with proper upbringing. About amstaph dogs say killers. At the most was a staff with a child a year-old lived wonderful! Now we have a labrador. Children with him that just do not get up.

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Answer # 17:

Here is this (http: // www. Dvlop .ru / photo. Html) (remove blanks)

Answer # 18:


Answer No. 19:

Jack Russell Terrier

Answer # 20:

I would advise you to a collie

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