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Russian breeds of dogs?

Answer # 1:

Country of origin: Russia
Height: 64 - 74 cm (male); 64 - 72 cm (female)
Weight: 36 - 65 kg
Content in the apartment: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity
Lifespan: 10 to 11 years
Well suited: for experienced owners

Country of origin: Russia
Height: 20 - 26 cm
Weight: 1.3 - 2.7 kg
Content in the apartment: well suited
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Well suited: for inexperienced owners

Country of origin: Russia
Height: 71 cm. (Male); 66 cm. (Female)
Weight: 34 - 48 kg. (Male); 27 - 41 kg. (bitch)
Content in the apartment: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity
Lifespan: 10 to 12 years
Well suited: for experienced owners

Country of origin: Russia
Height: 58 - 69 cm
Weight: 45 - 68 kg
Content in the apartment: not recommended
Lifespan: 9 to 11 years
Well suited: for experienced owners





Answer # 2:

Ko, veo, Russian that terrier ...

Answer # 3:

Here are all the breeds that either are the birthplace of the breed on the application of the standard in the FCI, or are derived in Russia http://rkf.org.ru/rkf/Standards/Russian_breeds_standards.html

Answer # 4:

Russian greyhound, Russian cocker spaniel, Moscow watchdog.

Answer # 5:

Russian medelian (Russian mastiff), Russian greyhound, Russian hound, Russian one, etc.

Answer No. 6:

Russian Spaniel, Russian Pergaya Hound, Russian Toy Terrier, Russian Greyhound, Russian Salon Dog, Moscow Watchdog, Moscow Dragon
Moscow dragon is a new breed of dogsRussian breeding. The breed exists more than 15 years. It is derived by selection of a specific type of stray dogs. The dog is suitable for maintenance, both for the elderly and for young masters. The dragon is quite independent, neseteliv, with a balanced mind; Unlike many small dogs is not hysterical, will not bark for no reason, cowardice is unusual for them. He likes to luxuriate on the couch, but he will not give up on long walks.
Shepherd Eastern European
Eastern European Shepherd is a kind ofThe Russian type of German shepherd, which began to form in our country in the late 40's on the basis of post-war dogs brought from Germany, and a large number of dogs of "unknown" origin. Dogs of this breed are used as patrol and escort, defensive, search and sentry
St. Petersburg Orchid
The breed "St. Petersburg Orchid" is still very young. The idea to bring out a small, long-haired dog of rich color appeared in 1997. After some time, it was possible to achieve the desired result, which, and is currently presented at various exhibitions.
Russian hound greyhound
The first descriptions of the Russian Greyhound concern 17And they give an idea of ​​dogs, close to the modern greyhound, used to hunt for the beast. In the 20s of the last century in Russia, almost every wealthy landowner kept hundreds of greyhounds and hounds. This led to the fact that in different provinces the most famous owners had their own types of dog hounds, which had distinctive external signs and were named after the owners. Gradually, the range of typical differences narrowed, most greyhound steels approach the same type in appearance.
Russian Black Terrier
The Russian black terrier breed was bred in 1956Year in the kennel "Red Star". To create this breed by means of a complex reproductive cross, the following breeds were used: Newfoundland, Risenschnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Rottweiler. Service dogs until the end of the 1940s were almost exclusively represented by European breeds, relatively small and adapted to a relatively mild climate.

Answer No. 7:

Russian hound greyhound, St. Petersburg orchid,VEO, Russian black terrier, Russian hound, Russian hunting spaniel, Moscow watchdog, Russian (Moscow) one, Alabai, Russian-European Laika, South Russian shepherd, Russian colored lapdog, Yakut Laika, Moscow dragon, reindeer husk, Chukchi riding dog , West Siberian Laika, East Siberian Laika, Russian salon dog (something like a completely redheaded Yorkie), Buryat sheepdog (Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound), Caucasian shepherd

Answer No. 8:

Russian spaniel, Moscow watchdog.

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