/ How to feed an Alabai puppy?

How to feed a puppy Alabai?

Answer # 1:

Basic rules of feeding:
· Feed the puppy recommended from an aluminum or enamel bowl.
· Bowls with water and food should be onA stand that corresponds to the growth of the puppy / dog (the normal height of the stand, when the dog receiving the feed extends upwards instead of tilting the head downwards), the height of the pedestal needs to be changed with the growth of the puppy.
· The food should be absolutely fresh, room temperature.
· Feeding should be done only at the set time, at the end of feeding the food must be removed. Do not overfeed, this leads to damage to the exterior of the dog.
Clean water should be in the bowl around the clock, it is recommended to change it 3-5 times a day, so that the dog could have it at any time of the day or night.
· Dog food should be less voluminous and more concentrated.
· Do not give the puppy sweets.
· Do not give the dog the bones of a bird, neither raw, nor boiled, nor of rib beef sheep, this can cause the dog to die.
Puppy should be given raw beef bone. Bones of the dog must be given after eating, so that the puppy does not attack them with greed. Bones begin to give from 1.5 months of age.
· Feed the puppy only after a walk, better and on command.
Recommended number of feedings:
Age Number of feedings
1 month - 3 months 6 times a day, daily It is mandatory to be introduced into the diet mineral-vitamin supplementary feeding.
3 months - 4 months 5 times a day, daily
4 months - 6 months 4 times a day, daily
6 months -12 months 3 times a day, daily
12 months-18 months 2 times a day, daily
After 18 months once a day, 6 times a week (one day hungry) If the veterinarian does not give another pre-scripture.
Decrease in the number of feedings, especially in the firstThe time for a puppy under 6 months is undesirable. Breaks between feedings should be equal, if possible, except for the night. At a certain age the puppy of the Central Asian Shepherd himself will start to refuse one of the feedings, do not transfer the puppy violently, leaving to go hungry from one regime to another. The puppy will show you when it is ready.
The amount of food eaten by the puppy you will soon be able toDetermine for yourself. Observe the puppy, if the puppy overeats, it quickly loses its appetite, and in the next feeding will go to the bowl with obvious reluctance, then it is necessary to reduce the amount of food received per one feeding.
Greedy before eating a puppy of the Central Asian Shepherd DogIt is better to organize a greater number of feeding, each time almost without feeding it. REMEMBER: The puppy's appetite depends on the owner! Try not to give him anything between the feedings.
It is absolutely necessary to add to any foodFruits (apples, pears, etc.), vegetables (beets, carrots, cabbages etc.), herbs (nettle, sorrel, parsley, dill, dandelion leaves, carrot and beet tops, etc.). For the prophylaxis of the worm, you can give the puppy daily garlic (puppy age 35-40 days-1 / 8-1 / 6 cloves garlic, 2 months 1/2 cloves garlic, 3 months -1 slice).
With normal feeding, the puppy should not be too thin or too fat.
Here is an approximate ration of a monthly puppy:
1 08-00 Porridge (ground hake with milk) with egg.
2 11-00 Raw ground beef with grated carrots, milk and 1/2 tsp. Butter,
3 14-00 Soup with meat broth, seasoned with vegetables with ground oatmeal with crumbled black bread and raw crushed cabbage, + 1/6 cloves of garlic,).
4 17-00 Milk porridge with butter
5 20-00 Cottage cheese with sour cream
Meat / Minced meat with milk.

Raw pork meat can not be given, only after 1-2Hour digestion. When feeding lamb and horse meat, the dose should be increased by 1.3 times, while feeding the fish, the dose should be increased 2.0 times, but the fish should be given not more often than twice a week, while feeding by-products, one-off consumption should be increased in a 1.5- 2.0 times. Almost up to 2 months, protein food should be given in the form of minced meat, up to 3 months, a little sliced, after 3 months of sliced ​​pieces.

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They like meat.

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Basis - beef muscular meat or high-quality feed of original (not Russian) production

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