/ What is good for dog food?

What is good for dog food?

Answer # 1:

I will clarify a bit - high-quality feed. Because cheap feed of low quality can not be useful because of its composition. And quality feeds are good because they have a correctly balanced composition, they are concentrated and do not cause overgrowing of the stomach, which is especially important for dogs of large breeds prone to turning it, you can choose exactly the right formula for a particular dog, for example, hypoallergenic. And do not buy meat, cut, store, defrost, balance the diet - everything is already balanced. Dogs on a high-quality diet live long, keeping health.

Answer # 2:

In dry food, all the crap is thrown

Answer # 3:

It is convenient to use if the dog is large, profitable. But this applies only to high-quality feeds.

Answer # 4:

Correctly balanced all the necessary vitamins and micro elements, it is convenient, you can always take the road without fear that it will deteriorate

Answer # 5:

Do not fool around with the composition of the diet, picked up once a normal food, and feed yourself, do not strain.

UPD Of course, it's not about the fodders that sell in supermarkets!

Answer No. 6:

Nothing, except the maintenance of laziness of the owner. Well, the possibility of at least somehow exist for dogs with disabilities.

Answer No. 7:

The fact that it can be taken on the road

Answer No. 8:

Convenient, plus balanced

Answer No. 9:

Quality dry food is already balanced, it is convenient to feed. I like Bosch, I feed them long ago. This is a high quality food, good health and a beautiful appearance on it are provided.

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