/ / Which breed of dog and cat are most suitable for keeping in an apartment with a small child?

What breed of dogs and cats are most suitable for keeping in an apartment with a small child?

Answer # 1:

Advised you a cat breed BritishShort-haired. Very kind to all family members, and especially to children. These cats are very intelligent and sociable. Can get along with dogs. Better get one cat, it will bring joy to you and your child. My aunt also had a dog and a small child, the dog constantly molested the child, she had to close the door all the time, because she was starting to lick it and sometimes at night she howled, I do not know why ... This is my opinion. (The child was 6 months old) If your child is more than 3 years old, you can have a canary terrier, very fond of children.

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Answer # 3:

Pikines good doggie

Answer # 4:

Here is a cat-sphinx, definitely!

Answer # 5:

It's easier to say which rocks are NOT suitable forContent with children. Of dogs, these are the normal breeds: dachshund, fox terrier, yag-terrier. From cats: Siamese, Persian. From my observation, the staffordshire terriers, collies, and Great Danes are very fond of children. Ready to tolerate any kind of bullying, do it with love.

Answer No. 6:

From cats I advise Maine Coon. It's just the most NADOBREYSHE creation, not scratched, not offended, very fond of communication

Answer No. 7:

No, until the child is 6 years old

Answer No. 8:

Dog york or poodle, their hair does not happenAllergies. Sphynx allergens, since cats are allergic to saliva, not wool. I know the Norwegian breed is not an allergen, but what this cat is, I do not know. Russian blue are healthy as a rule and strong, minimal care, they themselves take great care of themselves. If you also have to take care of the fur of the dog, then you have to take a short-haired one.

Answer No. 9:

Chihuahua dog sphynx cat

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