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Name the dogs of protective rocks.

Answer # 1:

Guard breeds of dogs:

Bullmastiff - many consider bullmastiff the bestGuard dog. These dogs are very strong, have a lot of muscle. They are intellectual, attentive and brave dogs. Despite their physical data and lack of fear, bullmastiff obedient dogs in the family and wonderful pets.

Doberman - another beautiful breed of burglardogs. Like bullmastiffs they are strong, intelligent, attentive and fearless. They are devoted and obedient dogs in the family. Dobermans are very fast runners, which is useful for a guard dog.

Rottweiler is also a good breed forProtection. Rottweilers have a combination of strength, confidence and courage. They are devoted to their family, are indifferent to strangers and do not go on trying to make friends.

The Giant Schnauzer is another strong and hardy dog ​​that is also intelligent, attentive and brave. They are easy to learn and loyal. Also they make good pets.

German Shepherd - with calm behavior out of danger, these dogs are able to act immediately when the situation requires it.

Rhodesian Ridgeback - strong and strong dogs and fast dogs with a balanced temperament. They are devoted to their owners and are indifferent to strangers.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a strong, very brave and agile dog.

The neopalitian mastiff is big, strong, loyal and balanced dogs. When necessary, they can be aggressive.

Cane Corso - strong, intelligent, brave and devoted dogs. In addition, they make good pets for the family.

Other guard breeds of dogs:

Akita Inu
American pit bull terrier
Argentinean dog
Belgian Shepherd Dog
Chow Chow
German dog
Irish Wolfhound
The Neapolitan Mastiff

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Sheepdog !!!

Answer # 4:

And almost all the big dogs, if they train, can become guards. Dobermans are good guards;

Answer # 5:

East European, German Shepherds, Alabai, Dobermanns, Great Danes.

Answer No. 6:

Security = guard. They are mastiffs, shepherds, bulldogs.

Answer No. 7:

Shepherd of all kinds, I also like IrishWolfhound, I do not know the truth about the protection qualities, but the beast is terrible and very high, then Orentine danes, American bulldogs are scary, bordeses, rotvelers, and any toothy dog ​​can be a guard dog.




Answer No. 8:

Doberman, that's for sure :)))

Answer No. 9:

Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd) !! !!
The best guard! Big and brave very much.
Our 2 years. To the fence, strangers are even afraid to approach, and we never close the house with a key.
And he loves his own, gentle, affectionate, huge beast. (80 kg)

Answer No. 10:

Dogo argentino

Answer No. 11:

I have such - two Caucasians and a rottweiler ..

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