/ / Puppy likes 1,5 months. How to feed a puppy like 1,5 months, how many times a day and when to walk?

Puppy husks 1,5 months. How to feed a puppy like 1,5 months, how many times a day and when to walk?

Answer # 1:

Puppies feed on mother's milk to about 3Weeks, then they need a lure, and by the month mostly go to the food received from the owner, in 5-6 weeks the mother usually ceases to feed them with milk. The basis for the growth of puppies should be protein food - meat (beef, horse meat) and fish. Meat can be given low-grade, sinewy (peritoneum, failure), a scar, kidneys, heart (in small amounts) are very useful, since they are rich in mineral substances. Pork is usually cooked in a slightly boiled form given to adult dogs (in raw form, pork and lard can not be given, since the animal can become infected with a pork chain). Ice cream should be thawed. Soft cartilage and raw bones are very useful, large bones without sharp ends serve also as toys. Boiled bones cause constipation. Bird tubular bones often cause inflammation and perforation of the intestine, flat bones and cartilage can be given. Bones in large numbers and very often dogs are not recommended, as teeth are heavily worn out, and the intestines suffer. Fish should be given in a cooked form, so as not to infect the dog with worms. A little dog moves a lot, she needs to make up for energy expenditure, so you need carbohydrate food - porridge and a small amount of bread. In porridge with fish or meat it is very useful to add a little vegetables - grated raw carrots, boiled or stewed pumpkin and zucchini. In winter, you can put in a forage a teaspoonful or a tablespoon of sauerkraut, but at the age of 4-5 months old puppy. Potatoes, peas, beans, beans are useless to give to dogs - they are practically not digested, moreover they cause bloating. From 3-4 months old the puppy can be given an apple. Fresh berries are also very useful. Our dogs, looking at us, with pleasure ate raspberries, blueberries, blueberries, cranberries and even a little bit of cranberries - what grows in the taiga. The smell of ripe berries, they quickly remember and they themselves start to look for if you want.

Dairy products should be given cautiously, oftenThey cause fermentation and relax, but for a puppy they are needed daily, especially in the first 2-3 months of life. For normal growth, the puppy needs first of all cottage cheese, better fat-free - 50-100 g per day, but whether to give little by little milk or curdled milk, kefir - you have to look at your pet that it is better for him, you can cook porridge with milk. It is useful occasionally (1-2 times a week) to give a boiled egg, raw, of course, more useful, only salmonella and puppies are.

Feed the puppy at an early age often- up to 2 months 5-6 times a day little by little (the puppy should be able to calmly do without food for 4 hours), but not overfeed (the food should be eaten completely, but it should not swell like a ball, the kid should not). From 2 to 4 months, gradually go to 4 meals a day, to 5-6 months - 3-time, and 1 year - two-time.

On the hunt or in winter (if the dog lives on the street)Portions or calorie intake should be increased. Food should not stand long, if the animal does not eat - you need to remove the bowl. Failure to feed for one to two days or vomiting requires treatment to the veterinarian.

Answer # 2:

Feed raw meat + cottage cheese + kefir, walk after vaccinations, about a month after 1.5

Answer # 3:

Feed 4 times in small portions to eat. After meals, walk. And to walk ... well, at least, the whole day.

Answer # 4:

All this can be learned from the breeder. If there is no phone. Then in the puppy's address. Change the regime and nutrition is not necessary, too little a puppy.

Answer # 5:

Ask the breeder.

Answer No. 6:

Feed a quality dry food for puppies-dosage is indicated on packages with food. Walk after full vaccination and quarantine. Closer to 3 months

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