/ / How to teach the puppy Bichon Frize (2 months) to the collar, leash and tape measure?

How to teach the puppy Bichon-Frize (2 months) to the collar, leash and tape measure?

Answer # 1:

I clothed and went. The main thing is not to pull, but to stimulate the puppy to run. Especially since the bishon needs a special collar, better thin round with a soft backing. All puppies run perfectly.

Answer # 2:

Dress him in a dream, so that he wakes up and thinks that it was so))

Answer # 3:

And to the roulette, why? Get used to it and start selling everything from home! ) Igromaniya, a terrible thing)))) And to the leash and collar begin to accustom to home conditions, let first get used to walking on a leash around the apartment.

Answer # 4:

Put the collar on and let it always be on it,Until he gets used to the fact that he should be on it and then eventually be able to shoot at home. And to the leash-roulette with every step on the street fasten to it and let the walk get used, and so walk until you get used to it completely. At first can be afraid but then everything will be ok.

Answer # 5:

I did not accustom my own people and went without any problems. Maybe that's next to go to learn it is necessary.

Answer No. 6:

Well, t. You can not walk yet, it will be easy to teach.
Buy the easiest, rag, simple collar,Most inexpensive. And let the puppy walk in it at home. First, put on for half an hour-hour, then increase the time. To the leash after it has become more used to the collar. Take him on the leash, walk around the house for 15 minutes and so every day. Suppress if you chew it.
To roulette it is not necessary to accustom, as it will get used to a lead, just buy a roulette and all. It is no different from the leash, except length.

Answer No. 7:

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Answer No. 8:

Bishons - comrades are very smart and impressionable! To begin with, the dog needs to know his nickname and your voice well.
Put on the collar to start the house. After a day take out in a quiet place and put on roulette. Go after him so that he feels that the roulette is not an arrest and not a punishment, let him get used to a small roulette tension.
Play with the puppy, but let it be on the roulette. Usually puppies, having got on the street for the first time - do not leave their host anywhere. The main thing - do not drag the puppy forcibly, but just call it gently and playfully so that the puppy goes by himself. On kraynyak - lure delicious, if he does not yet know your intonations.
Of course, you need a puppy to trust you - then everything will be quite simple.
Good luck to the kid! I love friezes, they have such a kaif character!

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