/ / Which breed of dogs is better to have to guard the yard?

What kind of dog is better to get to guard the yard?

Answer # 1:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog. But only within the perimeter. And so, stupid dog.

Answer # 2:

Crocodile-like spinocrys

Answer # 3:

Sheepdog or Half-Boar

Answer # 4:

Guard breeds of dogs:

Bullmastiff - many consider bullmastiff the bestGuard dog. These dogs are very strong, have a lot of muscle. They are intellectual, attentive and brave dogs. Despite their physical data and lack of fear, bullmastiff obedient dogs in the family and wonderful pets.

Doberman - another beautiful breed of burglardogs. Like bullmastiffs they are strong, intelligent, attentive and fearless. They are devoted and obedient dogs in the family. Dobermans are very fast runners, which is useful for a guard dog.

The Caucasian Shepherd is a formidable guard and watchman. A determined, intelligent, fearless dog is perfect for guarding.

The Moscow watchdog is a breed with a very developed innate protective instinct.

Rottweiler is also a good breed forProtection. Rottweilers have a combination of strength, confidence and courage. They are devoted to their family, indifferent to strangers and do not give in to attempts to make friends.

The Giant Schnauzer is another strong and hardy dog ​​that is also intelligent, attentive and brave. They are easy to learn and loyal. Also they make good pets.

German Shepherd - with calm behavior out of danger, these dogs are able to act immediately when the situation requires it.

Rhodesian Ridgeback - strong, strong and fast with dogs with a balanced temperament. They are devoted to their owners and are indifferent to strangers.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a strong, very brave and agile dog.

The neopalitian mastiff is big, strong, loyal and balanced dogs. When necessary, they can be aggressive.

Cane Corso - strong, intelligent, brave and devoted dogs. In addition, they make good pets for the family.

Other guard breeds of dogs:

Akita Inu
American pit bull terrier
Argentinean dog
Belgian Shepherd Dog
Chow Chow
German dog
Irish Wolfhound
Other factors that potential dog owners can pay attention to are sex and color. As a rule, bitches of many breeds are less aggressive and more protective of family members.

Although the color of the dog is not directly related to itsPhysiological characteristics and temperament, a darker dog, especially black, has a more threatening appearance for potential intruders. Also, in the dark, a dark dog is harder to notice that it can be a great advantage for a dog in certain circumstances.

Some dogs, such as pitbulls ratherOften used as guard dogs. However, the bad reputation of these dogs has led to the fact that many people prefer not to have such dogs. In some countries, such breeds are prohibited at all.

It is important to note that an unprovoked dog attack happens very rarely and most of the aggression in the dog comes from ill-treatment and the lack of dog training on the part of its owner.

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Answer No. 6:

It's better to bring a German Shepherd, or a crossGerman shepherd - very suitable for guarding the yard. - The dog is not very expensive and in terms of food is also inexpensive. . Of course, the Caucasian Shepherd is also good - but the price is accordingly different. . If possible, take a cross of a German ..

Answer No. 7:

Moscow watchdog

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

Looking for what purpose. If in order to raise the alarm, it's better to have a little bugger-bell. Well, if, like the security guard, she is a shepherd and better Eastern European.

Answer No. 10:

Either the Caucasian Shepherd is the best option,Protects its territory zealously and it is not necessary to train it, the dog is adequate. Either Alabai is a good option too, but, Alabai stupid and unbalanced dogs, not one shovel with crowbar will break on its backbone before you get this dog of what you need. And if it occurred to Alabai to tear your throat, he will do it, with Caucasians easier, take the bitch, they are faithful and will not go away during the rut, as the dog will go beyond the bitch and will not return. The bitch is better to take in anyway, regardless of the breed, what you define for yourself, and if you also reduce the dog for obtaining thoroughbred puppies, it's even better, your dog will become even more angry after the birth and will better protect his territory, t Because she has puppies or was not important. I had a Caucasian bitch, but, through the fault of the vet, she died. Guarded terrific and listened to perfectly. And the breed by the way, not expensive on average, the Caucasian Shepherd puppy only 5-6000 rubles. Or slightly more expensive, and this is the price of puppies with documents and from exhibition parents, and if the price is lower, then you are offered a half-breed or, more likely, they can still sell puppies from an unplanned mating

Answer No. 11:

Canoe corso gorgeous dogs ... Only keep in mind that they are not chain unlike the sheepdogs ..

Answer No. 12:

Alabai, Leonberger, Caucasian Shepherd Dog

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